December 17

The 3 Rs in Hypnosis Wrap Up Review

Testing & Polishing Techniques


The purpose of the Wrap-Up Review is to review everything that has happened during the session and turn it into a learning experience and, therefore, an empowerment for the client.  

There are three R’s in the Wrap-Up Review. 

The first R is Revelation.  Take all the insights, and learnings, and realizations that have occurred during the session and transform them into revelations

A revelation is a surprising, unknown fact.  What did the client discover? What did they learn? What do they know now that they didn’t know before? Whatever the client has discovered is new information being revealed to them.

This forms the basis for suggestions that begin with “Now you know . . .” At the end of your session, go through your notes and review any insights or new awareness’ that might have come to light. Then, turn it into a revelation.

Do a review and remind the client, “Now you know . . .” This changes them.

The second R is Relevant. You need to make whatever came up in the session relevant to the client’s goal.  That’s what they’re paying you for. 

The objective is to take whatever was revealed during the session and help the client connect the dots for themselves. If you tell them it’s just your word.  But if they connect the dots for themselves, then it must be true. 

The Third R is Reinforce.  The best suggestions will always come from your client.  This is because these are the ideas that have the most power for them.

At the end of the session, these are the things you want to reinforce over and over again. This is how you can give your sessions the “Wow” Factor. Reinforce the ideas that come from your clients.

Be sure to take good notes. Then, when it comes time to wrap up your session, compound these suggestions powerfully.  These are the suggestions that will go in like hot knife through butter.

So that’s it.

Make your sessions a powerful learning experience for your clients by using the 3 Rs in the Wrap Up Review.

  1. Revelation
  2. Relevant
  3. Reinforce

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Anya Blakeley Hypnotherapist

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