Root Cause Remedy for Results Course

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Learn How to Identify the Causal Event So You Can Get to the Underlying Problem & Get Results That Last!

People don’t pay for hypnosis – they pay for results!  To get those results, you need to find and then resolve the underlying cause of the problem.  That’s how you’ll get a lasting result.

So, what if you had a way to clearly identify the causal event?  What if you had a way to test and then identify the key contributing factors that are contributing to the client’s issue?

In the Regression Hypnosis – Root Cause Remedy you will learn effective strategies you can use to verify when you have located the causal event.  Don’t waste time working in subsequent events!  Get to the underlying cause and get results that last!

You Will Learn:

  • The Easiest Way to Explain Regression Hypnosis to the Average Person
  • The 3 Types of Events Clients Will Regress Into & How You Can Get Tricked
  • How Problems Develop Over Time
  • Why You Must Test to Know For Sure That You Have Found the Causal Event
  • 3 Simple, Effective Tests You Can Use Right Away to Pinpoint the Causal Event
  • The SEAL Pattern: Signature of a Causal Event
  • The Primary Problem With Roots in Childhood Events
  • The Key to Resolving The Underlying Problem

Note:  This course is specifically for hypnosis practitioners who are certified in regression to cause therapeutic hypnosis.  There are no practice opportunities within the context of the course as this information is to be applied in your sessions with clients.



  • Do You Always Need to Find the Causal Event?
  • The Backwash Effect
  • Healing Comes Down to a Decision of Mind
  • The Threshold of Change


  • Transcript of the Course Content
  • BONUS Content on How to Build A Strong Bridge to the Causal Event
  • 3 Ways You Can Bridge Back into Past Events    The Most Natural Bridge
  • Where Every Bridge Leads
  • Regression Session Mapping Strategy
  • The Secret to Bridging Back

Wendie shares crazy amount of her knowledge and experience from her practice as a regression- oriented hypnotherapist! What amazed me the most in this course, is the simple and clear way it helped me to sort out knowledge gained from my previous regression hypnosis courses. It will surely make my practice more reliable and my client’s positive outcomes will be more visible, more consistently, thanks to a better understanding of the regression approach. I highly recommend this course to anyone after professional hypnotherapy courses, that wish to sort out gained knowledge and start using these tools to do healing work with clients, while being fully confident about it. – Jakob Bania

Get Started Today !

Learn How to Identify the Causal Event So You Can Get to the Underlying Problem & Get Results That Last!