How Do You Know For Sure That You Have Found the Causal Event?

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Learn how to test & verify the Initial Sensitizing Event.

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The Dandelion Effect

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How to Test for the ISE

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Uncovering Tips

Learn What to Watch For in Your Regression Sessions~

People don’t pay for hypnosis – they pay for results!  To get those results, you need to find and then resolve the underlying cause of the problem.  In the Root Cause Remedy for Results course you will learn proven strategies that can help you to zero in on the causal event.  

What You'll Discover in this 5-Star Course:

Find the Underlying Cause

Learn how to verify that you have found the causal event (and why you don't always have to.)

The Signature Pattern in Childhood Events

Learn the 4 critical aspects to watch for that make up a causal event in Childhood (and the key to resolving it!)

Uncover Key Contributing Factors

Learn how an event typically plays out and how to uncover the aspects calling for resolution.

The Regress-to-Cause Advantage

Learn how to explain regression-to-cause to anyone in a way that makes it the obvious choice for emotional problems.

I love this client-centered approach

I highly recommend Tribe of Healers videos. Wendie's video class on Regression - Root Cause Remedy is wonderful at informing how to find the SSE & ISE while also teaching how to best communicate with clients about the work. She also has great insight in why finding the ISE isn't always needed - I love this client-centered approach that is lacking in some of the other more method/formula-based training. I'm excited to continue to learn as much as I can from her. She's approachable and easy to follow and a delight to watch.

Keridwyn Deller Hypnotherapist

Includes ....

  • 3 simple tests to identify a causal event
  • How problems typically get started
  • How symptoms tend to develop over time
  • How you can get tricked by a big, hairy-scary event
  • How to test to make sure that you have cleared everything in an event
  • The 4 key elements that make up the signature of a causal event in childhood
  • The primary problem calling for resolution in a childhood event
  • How an event typically plays out in predicable stages
  • How perceptions, thought and feelings work together to generate symptoms
  • More ...

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What Others Are Saying:

An amazing course that actually simplified the whole process to understand what we need to look for while working with the client.  I’m sure it’s all going to help me help others in a much more profound way. I like the fact that everything was summarized in a systematic way.  Tribe of Healers is highly recommended for budding hypnotherapist to sharpen their skills - thank you very much. 

Shaista Zeehan


I love this course very much. Your explanation is so clear and easy to follow. I felt like you were talking to me directly. I have tons of knowledge and different techniques, but not enough confidence to start my own practice. After watching this course, I want to go out there and start hypnotizing people. Thank you so much. 

Gina Kleynerman


Wendie shares crazy amount of her knowledge and experience from her practice as a regression- oriented hypnotherapist! What amazed me the most in this course, is the simple and clear way it helped me to sort out knowledge gained from my previous regression hypnosis courses. It will surely make my practice more reliable and my client’s positive outcomes will be more visible, more consistently, thanks to a better understanding of the regression approach. I highly recommend this course to anyone after professional hypnotherapy courses, that wish to sort out gained knowledge and start using these tools to do healing work with clients, while being fully confident about it. 

Jakob Bania


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