January 14

Regression Hypnotherapy First Session Tips

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I call my first session protocol my S.E.T. for Success session.  S.E.T. stands for Satisfy, Educate and Train.  The purpose of this first session is to create my ideal client for regression to cause therapeutic hypnosis.  You can, too, by following these three steps.

  1. Conduct an intake specifically for regression hypnosis
  2. Educate the client to establish a Contract specifically for regression hypnotherapy
  3. Teach the client how to work with you while in a state of hypnosis.

Taking the time to teach your clients how to work with you, before trying to get them to regress, will make your job so much easier!

My approach to training the client is structured as if you were doing two hypnosis sessions back to back. The first half of the session is the Conditioning phase.  The second half is where you prepare the client for regression hypnosis.

This reason for breaking it up into two distinct protocols is that it gives you more time control over your session.  It allows you to treat each phase as an individual session.  So, if you’re short on time you can wrap up following the Conditioning Session. Then, pick up where you left off in the next session.

This takes all the pressure off of you. And when you're just starting out, you don't need more pressure!

1. Condition the Client for Hypnosis. The Conditioning Session allows you to create your ideal hypnosis client before diving into the regression session work.  This is important because you need deep hypnosis to get an authentic regression, and it allows you to be more client-centered in your approach to healing.

2. Make Sure the Client is Ready for Regression. The purpose of the Ready for Regression Session is to give you a client who feels safe regressing into painful events from the past.  This helps you to feel much more confident moving forward because you’ll have a better idea about how best to proceed with each client.

Some clients need more time during the intake.  Being able to break the session into two distinct stages or phases allows you to be flexible in your approach.  You can adapt to the needs of the client.  That’s how you’ll get your best results.

What you’ll find is that people who have been struggling with a problem for a while are frustrated on top of everything else.  They’ve tried other things and nothing has worked.  So, there’s the added pressure of failed attempts.

Give the client the time they need.

Clients who have been through the Medical Mill have a stronger need to be heard.  If they’ve undergone treatment like surgery or chemo there’s often medical trauma added to the mix. 

These things just add to the emotional layers they’re coming in with.  So, it’s worth it to give them the extra time they need before starting the hypnosis.  If you don’t, they’ll carry all this stuff into the session.  That makes things a lot harder than they need to be. 

Give yourself the time you need.

You can resolve a lot of these things before you begin the hypnosis.  If you take the time to prepare the client, it will save you time later on and make all your hypnosis session go a lot easier. 

Remember, the purpose of your first session is to create your ideal client.  So, if the client needs more time to tell their Story during the intake, that’s okay.   If the client needs more time to understand things during the educational process, that’s okay, too. Just allow 30 minutes for the hypnosis session.

You need about twenty minutes or so to do the Conditioning Session, another ten minutes to debrief the client after emerging them, and approximately 10 minutes following the session for debriefing.  So, if you give yourself thirty minutes, you’ll have enough time to take your client from “Ow” to “Wow!”  

This ensure that the client will have gotten what they paid for.  They’ll know they had been hypnotized.  They'll emerge feeling better than when they first came in.  They’ll be amazed with how well they did.  And they’ll know that they’ve come to the right place!

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About the author 

Wendie Webber

With over thirty years of experience as a healing practitioner, Wendie brings a broad range of skills to her approach to regression to cause hypnosis. She combines a gentle, yet commanding way of presenting with a thorough, clear and systematic approach to helping healing practitioners to make sense of regression hypnotherapy.