August 9

Regression and HypnoAnalysis – Daniel Ghanime

Interview, Regression to Cause Hypnosis


Presentation begins around 22 minute mark.   Daniel shares a number of therapeutic concepts and models including:

  • Re-traumatizing the client (rape case)
  • The Sandwich Therapy Model
  • The Regression Timeline Model
  • The Two Days That Cannot Be Changed
  • Revivification versus Dissociation (Regression vs Timeline)
  • Why is it so important to make the unconscious conscious?
  • Development of a Phobia Model
  • Autosuggestion and the Law of Compounding
  • Freud's Problem (Mistake) with Hypnosis
  • Fritz Perls' Gestalt Therapy Blossoms in Hypnosis
  • The Tools of Regression to Cause Hypnotherapy
  • Where James Braid Got His Concepts
  • "The Click"
  • When to Use Techniques Such as Parts Therapy or Forgiveness Work
  • Willpower Burnout and Anxiety
  • When Change Occurs You Probably Won't Get the Credit
  • What is Hypnosis Like in Lebanon?

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Phone: (Beirut) +961 3 348 853

About the author 

Wendie Webber

With over thirty years of experience as a healing practitioner, Wendie brings a broad range of skills to her approach to regression to cause hypnosis. She combines a gentle, yet commanding way of presenting with a thorough, clear and systematic approach to helping healing practitioners to make sense of regression hypnotherapy.