A practical guide to using your Educational Pre-talk to prepare clients for a body-centred approach to 
healing with the Mind.

Discover how every phase of the healing process involves a Contract

Includes Featured Guest Authors

Barbara Scholl, Hypno-Kids, Switzerland

In Chapter 9, learn how to prepare your teenaged clients for effective therapeutic hypnosis with the Educational Pre-Talk for Teen Hypnotherapy.  

Scott Allerton, Sydney Integrative Hypnotherapy, Australia

In Chapter 10, learn how to get rid of resistance by using brain science to educate your more analytical or science-minded clients with The Science of Hypnotism.

Daniel Ghanime, the Control Alternative, Lebanon

Chapter 11, learn how to prepare palliative clients to face the challenges of dying to experience a better death in
Hypnotherapy for a Better Death.

"Invaluable Lessons"

“(Wendie’s) lessons have been invaluable in helping me understand the subconscious mind and I feel like I really get it now. I was able to use what I learned right away to great effect with my clients and it has taken my practice to a whole new level of understanding. My clients seem to get it faster, as well. The insights and healing just come more naturally, now – it just seems to flow easily.” ~ Craig Homonnay, Australia

Craig Homonnay Professional Clinical Member and Committee Member of the Australian Association of Clinical Hypnotherapy & Psychotherapy Inc., Adelaide, Australia

Book 1

The Devil's Therapy: Hypnosis Practitioner's Essential Guide to Effective Regression Hypnotherapy

Provides the theoretical foundation you need to confidently facilitate client-centered healing programs. Most importantly, it answers the question, “Why do we do what we do
when we do it?”

Discover how a 200-year-old fairy tale reveals a complete system for facilitating effective regression hypnotherapy.

Learn the three essential phases of effective regression hypnotherapy hidden within a Grimm’s Fairy Tale.  Discover the why behind the how-to of regression to cause hypnosis. 

Book 2

Ditch the Script: Get Everything You Need from the Client to Set Up and Wrap Up for Effective Regression Hypnotherapy

Shows you how to break free of “scripnotism” by revealing simple strategies you can use to set up for effective Regression Hypnotherapy.

Learn how to:

  • Get the right clients for you
  • Gather the information you need to guide the healing process effectively
  • Create a system that supports you in your sessions with clients
  • Set up to get real results working with real clients
  • Facilitate a truly client-centred approach to healing.
  • more . . .

Book 3

Radical Healing: Hypnosis Practitioner's Guide to Harnessing the Healing Power of the Educational Pre-Talk

Provides the keys to preparing your clients to be successful working with you by making them an active participant in their own healing.

Learn how to:

  • Educate a prospective client in a way that establishes a contract for the first session
  • Get rid of resistance and establish a contract for therapeutic hypnosis
  • Educate your clients for a body-centred approach to healing
  • Make the client responsible for the results
  • Use Convincers during your pre-talk
  • Establish a binding contract that allows regression to cause
  • more . . .

“. . . has helped me refresh and consolidate my knowledge and skills. I highly recommend it to all practitioners in the field that are either at the beginning or just are looking for a refresh/update.” ~ Cristina Balhui, Canada

“Wendie has extensible knowledge and experience of hypnosis, especially with regression, Inner Child Work, forgiveness and other related parts. Although I have some years of experience in that field, I still can learn a lot from her courses. Wendie explains in detail, gives examples from her practice and the knowledge I gain can be transferred into my practice immediately. ~ Clemens Brandstetter, Austria

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