October 7

Hypnotic Eye Movement EMDR Exercise

Emotional Release Work


What is EMDR?

EMDR stands for Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing.  It’s weird.

I experienced EMDR (hypnosis style) with Hansruedi Wipf at the NGH Convention 2014.    Here’s what happened ….

He did a rapid induction, dropped me into somnambulism, then had me open my eyes.  So I was still in hypnosis.  

He then asked me to think about an upsetting situation.  And to really bring up all the thoughts and feelings associated with that event.  

He then asked me to stay focused on the memory but follow his finger as he moved it back and forth in front of my eyes. As he moved his finger back and forth in front of my eyes he hammered in suggestions non-stop.  And here’s what happened.  

It worked. 

Seriously.  In just a few short minutes it completely dissolved the issue.  How do I know this?  Because I was able to TEST the results shortly after.  A clearly identified trigger no longer had any effect on me, whatsoever.  It was completely neutralized.   Nada.  Issue totally gone.  Thanks Hansruedi!

This is a process Hansruedi teaches which he calls “Hypno-Waving.” Another name for this process is Bi-Lateral Hemispheric Stimulation or Wing Wave.  It’s a whole-brain approach to resolving internal stressors.  Near as I can tell, it’s a really effective pattern interrupt.

Try it yourself.

This video is a self-administered EMDR experience.  Try it out on yourself!

About the author 

Wendie Webber

With over thirty years of experience as a healing practitioner, Wendie brings a broad range of skills to her approach to regression to cause hypnosis. She combines a gentle, yet commanding way of presenting with a thorough, clear and systematic approach to helping healing practitioners to make sense of regression hypnotherapy.