Hypnosis Practice Ready for Regression Session Course

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Learn How to Prepare Your Clients for Regression-to-Cause Therapeutic Hypnosis in a Way that Makes Regression Happen Easily

In the Ready for Regression Session program you will learn how to create a safe environment in which to assess and prepare your client for the work of regression-to-cause therapeutic hypnosis.  This program is packed with the information you need to prepare yourself and your clients … and make regression happen easily!

In This Course You Will Learn:

  • How to Make It Safe to Regress
  • How to Convert Memories into An Actual Regression
  • How to Train Your Client to Work in Past Events
  • What to Do When the Subconscious Mind Goes to a Painful Past Event Unexpectedly
  • 6 Basic Uncovering Questions of Regression Hypnotherapy
  • Why You Should Always Touch the Owie
  • How to Button Things Up When You’re Short on Time
  • 3 Regression Mistakes
  • How to Set Up for Inner Child Work
  • How to Assess Readiness for Regression
  • How to Use Autosuggestion
  • How to Set Up for Forgiveness Work
  • Where to Begin the Forgiveness Work
  • 10 Key Forgiveness Concepts
  • How to Wrap up Your Session
  • The Revelation Review
  • The TAT Wrap
  • How to Use your Ready for Regression Session as a Stand-Alone Session
  • First Session Time Manager
  • How to Debrief the Client to Eliminate Doubt
  • How to Conduct the Preliminary Check-In



  • Pseudo-Regression Technique
  • Snow Falling Deepener
  • Finger Pinch Anchoring Technique
  • Regression Patter
  • The TAT Wrap
  • Provoke the Feeling Patter
  • Amplification Patter
  • Affect Bridge Patter


  1. Healing the Birth Experience Script
  2. Full PDF Report of Program
  3. Audio recordings


  1. 6 Basic Uncovering Questions
  2. 5 Tips for Touching the Owie
  3. 5 Tips for Buttoning Things Up
  4. 4 Steps to Set Up for Inner Child Work
  5. Questions for Inner Child Work
  6. What A Child Needs
  7. 7 Steps to Find and Transmit Love to the Child
  8. How to Set Up for Dialogue Process
  9. 10 Forgiveness Concepts
  10. Session Time Manager
  11. Poke-a-Stick Technique
  12. Autosuggestion Reversal Statements
  13. How to Test for a Bridge
RR Cover


  • What to do when the client says no to regression
  • How to deal with traumatic memory the client remembers consciously
  • How to work with chemical lids

Wendie Webber has such a gentle, yet commanding, way of presenting her material that left me feeling like I finally understood what I needed to do to get the results I have been looking for. I had mixed feelings about my studies in regression therapy but with her clarifications I now “get it” on a deep level that makes this a very practical application of hypnosis. I also appreciate that she has studied other modalities such as EFT, somatic and energy work since these are all areas that interest me as well. I am deeply committed to helping people heal both physically and emotionally and I feel that is where I strongly connect with Wendy, I can feel her sincerity as a teacher. It is also extremely helpful to understand what worked for her in a business sense. As a real estate Broker running my own business for over 20 years I understand business but the nuances of this business are different. It clarified what might work better for me and I appreciated that aspect very much. I purchased every one of her courses and feel the value of what I learned was SO MUCH more than what I paid! Excellent teacher and teaching!

Get Started Today !

Learn How to Prepare Your Clients for Regression-to-Cause Therapeutic Hypnosis in a Way that Makes Regression Happen Easily!