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Educate Your Hypnotherapy Client in a Way That Prepares Them to Participate in The Healing Journey

Do you want clients who are willing to regress into painful past events?  Educate them about the process before you ask them to “go there”!  The purpose of the educating the client about hypnosis is to establish a Therapeutic Contract. You need this because Regression Hypnosis is a process of facilitated self-change and self-healing.  And to get consistent results in your sessions you need clients who are prepared to do the work necessary to get the results they’re after.  In the Educational Pre-Talk program you will learn how to create a hypnotherapy pre-talk that establishes a clear Therapeutic Contract that makes your client a willing participant in their own healing.

In This Program You Will Learn:

  • How to Create an Educational Pre-Talk for Regression-To-Cause Hypnosis
  • 7 Core Concepts to Establishing the Therapeutic Contract
  • How to Use Your Mind Model to Empower the Client
  • How Memory Forms
  • Why Problems Often Get Started in Childhood
  • How Hypnosis is a Natural Mind-Body Healing State
  • How Stress is a Major Contributor to Many of the Problems Clients Will Bring to You
  • Why Most of the Issues We Deal with in Regression Sessions are Based in Trauma
  • Tips for Working with Traumatic Memory
  • How to Establish a Therapeutic Contract for Regression-to-Cause Therapeutic Hypnosis
Bonus Report EDU

You'll also get this BONUS CONTENT!

  • Mind Model Image
  • BRAC Image
  • Checklist: 7 Core Concepts for Creating Your Educational Pre-Talk for Regression Hypnosis
  • Done-4-U “SET for Success” Educational Pre-Talk Presentation You Can Customize and Use In Your Own Sessions
  • PDF Report of Complete Course
  • Audio Recording of Each Lesson
  • Meridian Tapping Techniques Guidelines Client Handout
  • Bonus Lessons: How to Make Self-Hypnosis Easier

Wendie has extensible knowledge and experience of hypnosis, especially with regression, ICW, forgiveness and other related parts. Although I have some years of experience in that field, I still can learn a lot from her courses. Wendie explains in detail, gives examples from her practice and the knowledge I gain can be transferred into my practice immediately. I highly recommend her courses! Clemens Brandstetter

Get Started Today !

Get Started Today! Educate Your Hypnotherapy Client in a Way That Prepares Them to Participate in The Healing Journey