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Learn How to Use the Client’s First Hypnosis Session with You to Create Your Ideal Client for Regression Hypnotherapy

What if you could use your first hypnosis session with a new client to create your ideal client for a multi-session healing program?  Using your first session to make the client a partner in their own healing process will get you better results.  You’ll feel more confident guiding them through the process of therapeutic hypnosis.  And you won’t have to work so hard to get the results you want.

In This Program You Will Learn:

  • A Simple Step-by-Step Pre-Induction Set Up
  • The 3 Permissions Before Beginning Hypnosis
  • How to Formalize Your Hypnotic Induction
  • How to Use Relaxation in the First Session to Provide Proof of Hypnosis
  • How to Make Your Tests Fail-Safe
  • Why You Should WOW Your Client in the First Hypnosis Session
  • How to Add Tapping to the Healing Process of Regression Hypnosis
  • How to Install a Trigger for Re-Induction
  • Quick Tricks & Tips to Make the Process Simple and Easy


11 Scripts:

  • Take a Tour Patter
  • Formalize the Hypnotic Induction
  • Permission to Relax
  • Releasing the Breath
  • Body Awareness Exercise
  • Modified Elman Induction
  • Eye Catalepsy
  • Time Distortion Test
  • Head-Roll Deepener
  • Eye Fractionation & Test
  • Suggestions for Wrapping Up Your Hypnosis Session

5 Checklists:

  • Preliminary Set-ups
  • How to Install the Re-Induction Trigger for Hypnosis
  • Hand-Drop Re-Induction for Hypnosis
  • Complete Hypnosis Conditioning Session
  • How to Conduct the Preliminary Check-In

And More …

  • Lessons on How to Conduct the Preliminary Check-In for Regression Hypnosis
  • Time Management Tips
  • PDF Report of Complete Course
  • Audio Recording of Each Lesson

I have studied with many of the teachers Wendie has and I am loving the very practical and replicable way she is putting it all together. – Jean E. Hobgood

Get Started Today !

Learn How to Use the Client’s First Hypnosis Session with You to Create Your Ideal Client for Regression Hypnotherapy!