Get Paid for Promoting Your Hypnotherapy Practice and Attract More Clients You Can Be Successful With

Get Simple, Proven Strategies You Can Use Right Away to
 Promote Yourself and Your Hypnotherapy Services

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The ONLY training program of its' type

This is the ONLY training program of its' type. I learned more about marketing from it than from other programs that cost me upwards of $3000. It teaches practical, doable methods of attracting new clients and how they can ultimately be your best "sales tool" to get even more clients.

Jeffrey Lewis ... Hypnotherapist

In this beginner-level course you will learn simple, easy techniques to help you to identify your ideal client, and low-cost, low-tech ways to promote yourself and your services to the right people. 

Here's What You'll Learn:

  • How to Attract Hypnotherapy Clients You Can Be Successful With
  • The 3 Essential Truths About Hypnosis
  • 4 Costly Marketing Mistakes I made (So You Can Avoid Them)
  • How to Create a Clear Marketing Message to Promote Your Hypnosis Practice
  • The Easiest Way to Attract New Hypnosis Clients
  • How to Get Paid for Promoting Your Hypnosis Services
  • Why You Should Never Discount Your Hypnotherapy Services
  • How to Get Testimonials that Sell Your Hypnosis Services for You
  • More …
  • Bonus PDF Report

    Bonus PDF Report

    Very practical advice about growing a hypnosis practice

    This course is excellent! It’s well-organized and the content is very relevant. Wendie Webber provides great tips and very practical advice about growing a hypnosis practice. She offers advice on how to avoid common marketing mistakes and tips for creating great presentations and classes, and so much more. I feel fortunate to be able to benefit from her years as a hypnosis practitioner and am grateful for her willingness to share what she’s learned along the way.

    Lori Burke

    Take it from an enterprise management MBA’er Wendie nailed it...

    It is an essential part that has been left out of any certification program. Some would say why tackle business while you are learning something remotely distant? Take it from an enterprise management MBA’er Wendie nailed it... it’s a must. If acting is essential for patter, reading business is a must to get that someone to read the patter to.

    Daniel Ghanime