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Regression to Cause Hypnosis is the Next Generation of therapy. Now it's time for you to grow a healing practice that PAYS.

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5 Support Systems

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Get the Right Client

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Create Your Ideal Client

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Get Results That Last

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The Easiest Way for You to Plan and Grow Your Regression Hypnotherapy Business!

Many hypnosis practitioners are intimidated by the idea of facilitating regression to cause hypnosis sessions  ... and maybe you feel the same way.  Isn't it too complicated, too time-consuming, too complex?  It's time to realize that this presents a enormous opportunity for you, if you're trained in regression hypnotherapy.  Learn these simple strategies for creating your own multi-session hypnosis practice business system to gain an advantage over most of your competition.

What You'll Discover in this 8-Part Course:

5 Simple Support Systems

Learn the 5 independent systems that all work together to give you a complete system for growing your healing practice.

The Blueprint

Copy this proven blueprint for planning and growing your healing practice business!

The Key to Lasting Results

Learn about the mindset that is extremely important in healing work, but overlooked by your competitors.

The Obvious Advantage

See how to grow a referral-based healing practice and get paid a premium fee for your services.

What Others Are Saying:

Keith Ivy

In this course, Wendie became my Hypnosis Practice GPS System. She laid out the road to take in a clear, concise, logical manner. No fluff. No happy talk. Just usable content that I can put into practice tomorrow. I am so glad I found Wendie for I know I can trust her guidance.

Dax Carlisle, DD, CCH

This was excellent! ....It was a breeze to watch through. Very articulate and fun! My big "take-away" was Deeper Issues is where the money is and to setup a system to get you to Multi-sessions ....You need less clients, you're not "chasing the next booking", and more time to really connect & work with the clients....

Beginner Hypnosis therapist issues with being confident

This course was a great match for me. I am a beginner Hypnosis therapist and have some issues with being confident at this stage. Wendie appeared at the right time and the right place to offer her clear guidance for my mixed feelings of what to do next. I love her business systems method and definitely will integrate it into my practice. Moreover, Wendie got a clear way to bring the message across in a professional way. She is a great teacher who can literally put the information directly into your mouth before it’s been properly chewed :). I’ve signed up for many of her other courses and looking forward to them. Thank you, Wendie! You’re amazing!

Luba Gramann ... Hypnotherapist

The stuff they don't teach you in Hypnosis School

Really excellent presentation of all the stuff they don't teach you in Hypnosis School, but you need to know. I especially like that Wendie uses a professional background so it's not distracting like some of the other presenters I've seen. Light bulb moment: "they don't pay you for hypnosis, they pay you for results." Wow, I've been so focused on learning how to hypnotize that I totally lost sight of the purpose. Thanks for the reminder. Will be checking out her other programs as well. She's a real asset to the community.

Geni Paisley ... Hypnotherapist

Extensive Valuable Tools for Setting Up a Hypnosis Practice

This system based training offers extensive valuable tools to any and all, either initially setting up a Hypnosis practice or those who need to improve their existing system and format, to increase their client base, effectiveness and efficiency. I will definitely be utilizing this system and the valuable language patterns utilized, as well. Thank you!

Jackie ... Hypnotherapist

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