July 15

Hypnosis Marketing Mistake: Trying to Be All Things

Grow Your Healing Practice


It’s no secret that the one thing that will get you more clients is your results. But if you’re just starting out in your hypnosis practice, you probably don’t feel confident in your ability to deliver those results. You lack experience.  To get the experience you need, you need clients. And not just any client will do.

You need to get some wins under your belt.  To do that, you need clients who are a match for your level of knowledge and skill.  You need clients you can be successful with. Stuff can happen in sessions that you’re not prepared for.  That won’t help you to grow your confidence.  So, why not focus on attracting clients that you can be successful with?

Why not focus on attracting your ideal client?

Your ideal client is the one person you just love to work with.  This gives you a client who you will, not only, enjoy working with but who you can be successful with. Who is this person for you? Think about it.  Who is that one person who has that one problem that you’re confident you can help them get rid of - for good? That’s your ideal client.  And that’s what people are looking for - results that last.  Most people will pay anything to have that. It’s the secret to successfully marketing yourself and your services. 

Focus on attracting that one person who is struggling with that one problem.  You’ll get clients you can be successful with. So you can grow your confidence, knowledge and skill – and get paid. You’re probably wondering, “How can I get enough clients if I’m only speaking to one person?”

Don’t you need to work with a variety of issues?

Yes.  But, here’s the thing …  If you don’t focus on getting the attention of one person, you’ll be just another voice in the marketplace.  It doesn’t matter how loudly you shout.  Nobody is going to pay any attention to you because you’re not speaking to anyone in particular.

It’s like when a car alarm goes off in a parking lot.  If it’s not your car, it’s not your problem.  If it’s not your problem, what do you do?


How many clients will that get you?  Zero.  That’s the problem with trying to be all things with all people.

If you try to speak to everyone, you’ll get no one.  So, focus on the one thing that will get you clients you can be successful with.  Focus on your ideal client because that’s the person you’ll get the best results with.  

Your results will get you more clients.

Attract the Right Clients for YOU

You don't need more clients.  You need clients you can be successful with.

About the author 

Wendie Webber

With over thirty years of experience as a healing practitioner, Wendie brings a broad range of skills to her approach to regression to cause hypnosis. She combines a gentle, yet commanding way of presenting with a thorough, clear and systematic approach to helping healing practitioners to make sense of regression hypnotherapy.