April 11

How to Use Social Events to Attract Hypnosis Clients

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Social gatherings are client attractors.  They’re a great place for you to meet new people who might be interested in becoming your client. 

This is a situation where you can use your preliminary assessment system.

If you’re at a social gathering such as a networking event, a workshop, or a dinner party, and the person you’re talking with mentions they have a particular problem, pay attention.  They may just be ready to become your next client!

The fact they have mentioned they have a problem tells you one thing . . . They’re interested in what you do and whether or not you can help them.  They may not tell you this but secretly they’re wondering - Are YOU the answer I’ve been looking for? 

You definitely want to begin a conversation with this person.   

But in a social situation, the purpose of the conversation is not to schedule them in for a session.  It’s to casually assess whether they might be the right client for you

What you don’t want to do is stand off in the corner pouring over their life history.   That could cost you a half-dozen other conversations you could be having that could get you more clients.

The place for an in-depth conversation about a person’s issue, and how you can help, is in the privacy of your office.  That conversation can take place in person or over the phone.  But it requires a more intimate setting.

A social situation is not the place to sell a person on your services.  

Your purpose is to simply get acquainted with people who may be interested in what you have to offer.  If a person wants to share their problem with you, the only thing you want to find out are the answers to two questions. 

  1. Is this a problem that can reasonably be addressed with hypnosis? 
  2. Are they the right fit for you?

In a social setting, the purpose of the conversation is to assess.  If the problem they’re dealing with is something that can reasonably be resolved using hypnosis, and you feel confident you can help them with it, the next step is to invite them to continue the conversation at a more appropriate time.  That’s it.

If they’re ready to have a more intimate conversation with you, you have just attracted a potential new client.   The next step is to make sure that you get that call so you can qualify them as your client. So don’t leave things to chance. 

Don’t just hand them your card and leave it up to them to call you.  

Chances are - they won’t.  Life happens.  People get distracted.  And they forget about you.  It’s nothing personal.  You just need to take charge. 

It’s up to you make sure you get that conversation.  And the way to ensure you have that conversation is to ASK for it.  Ask for permission to call them. 

Once you have their phone number and permission to call, find out when would be a convenient time to call.  If possible, schedule the call. 

Make it an appointment to have a conversation. 

Let the person know what will happen when you have that more in-depth conversation with them.  You want them to have reasonable expectations. It’s not a session.  It’s just a friendly chat in a more appropriate setting to learn more.

During this chat, you’re going to listen to their problem.  You’re going to evaluate whether or not you might be the best choice for them.  And you’re going to share a little about what you do and how you can help.  Then they can decide whether or not what you’re offering seems like the right choice for them.

So, that's it.

Social gatherings are a great place to get more clients because they give you the opportunity to have more conversations with more people.  Your first contact with a person allows you to do a preliminary assessment. 

Just to see if they might be the right client for you. The next step is then to get them into your office – either in person or over the phone – so you can have a more personal conversation about their problem.  And the purpose of that call is to qualify your client.  Once you qualify a person, the next step is book the session.  Simple, right?

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About the author 

Wendie Webber

With over thirty years of experience as a healing practitioner, Wendie brings a broad range of skills to her approach to regression to cause hypnosis. She combines a gentle, yet commanding way of presenting with a thorough, clear and systematic approach to helping healing practitioners to make sense of regression hypnotherapy.