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How to Be A Naturally Therapeutic Hypnosis Healer

Mind Body Healing


Clair was a frail, fiercely independent 93-year old who, despite being crippled, continued to live on her own.  Over the past couple of years, however, Clair had had to accept more help from others.

Her meals were delivered to her.  Her son brought her fresh food from the grocery store once a week.  Her daughter did the laundry and housekeeping for her.  A neighbour took out the garbage.  And community health care did home visits, periodically, to treat a large blister Clair had developed on her right foot.  But Clair worries.  She worries that the wound isn’t healing.  So, she asked me if I would do some energy work on her.

Clair loved energy work.  

I am trained in various types of energy work, but I prefer Pranic Healing and Reconnective Healing because they give rapid results. When I did energy work on her she could feel sensations of warmth and tingling.  This thrilled and amazed Clair. What’s more, it took her pain away!

These approaches, however, do not involve touching the body.  Clair needed touch.  So, I began each session by applying moisturizing cream to her scrawny legs.  Clair's legs were no bigger than my wrist and the skin was very dry.  Even though I used a very light touch as I ever-so-gently massaged the cream in, Clair winced in pain.  The muscles in her legs were very tight but soon begin to relax.  

Next, I dutifully examine the nurse’s work.  Clair insisted.  She needed reassurance.  So, while I worked on the body, I enlist my skill as a hypnosis practitioner, using my words to minimize Clair’s worry.  I told her what I was going to do.  I told her why I was doing it.  And how well her body was responding.  How the body was healing.  For example, while I massage her legs I let her know that this was helping to  increase circulation. Increased blood flow would allow better healing.  

This was giving her hope.  And as Clair relaxed, her body opened to allow healing.  As a result, she felt better.

As I sent energy into her feet, I taught her how to work with the energy in her own hands.  This was empowering for Clair who habitually complained that she couldn't do it right, couldn't do anything right.  Let’s face it – at her age, it’s mostly true.  Still, there’s one thing I know – everyone has access to this energy.  We’re born with it.  So, I assured Clair that if she could feel it (which she could) she was doing it exactly right.

As I sent energy into her feet, I noticed visible changes in the colour of her toes.  I reported every sign of improvement.  Why?  Because I believe all the power lies within the client.  And Clair’s faith in The Energy was all she needed.

Fear is always a block to healing.

The nurses focused on the body.  But the real “owie” was Clair’s fear. Fear, anxiety and worry cause physical tension.  Tension inhibits circulation and the flow of energy through the body. This blocks healing and generates pain.  So, I focused on shifting the underlying perceptions.

I worked with the healing power of Clair's own Mind by encouraging her faith in the energy.   I bolstered her belief.  I encouraged, accepted, approved. Clair glowed.

20 minutes from "ow" to WOW!

By the end of a 20 minute session, Clair was relaxed, smiling, and free of pain.  And what had I done in this brief healing session?

  • Minimized worry, fear, anxiety
  • Reduced resistance to healing (tension)
  • Helped the body to relax and open to healing
  • Empowered the client with do-it-yourself technique
  • Touched the perceived “owie”, i.e., the physical part of the body that is holding pain
  •  Touched the real “owie”, i.e., the part of the mind that is holding pain

You can always be naturally therapeutic.

Healing begins in the mind.  Being naturally therapeutic means giving attention to how the client feels.  That's the 'owie.' And behind every feeling and emotion there's a thought.  Behind every thought is a perception generating sensations in the body.  

While you can follow the sensation back to the underlying cause, you're not always going to be able to do regression hypnosis with a person. Regression is not suitable for every individual or situation. But sometimes you don’t even need hypnosis to make a real difference in a person’s life.  

How can you be naturally therapeutic as a hypnosis practitioner?
The healing isn't in the tool or technique.  It's not in the hypnosis or the energy treatment.  It's in the therapeutic relationship. It’s in recognizing where the client is at.  And identifying what the client’s real needs are so that you can apply your skills as a hypnosis practitioner to meet it.

About the author 

Wendie Webber

With over thirty years of experience as a healing practitioner, Wendie brings a broad range of skills to her approach to regression to cause hypnosis. She combines a gentle, yet commanding way of presenting with a thorough, clear and systematic approach to helping healing practitioners to make sense of regression hypnotherapy.

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