Discover the Hidden Meaning of Your Dreams

Discover the Hidden Meaning of Your Dreams with these 7 Essential Tools of Dream Healing

This course is for anyone who wants to decipher the meaning of their dreams.  But if you're a hypnosis practitioner, this course is definitely for YOU!  Dream Healing tools cross-over to the techniques you already use.

Course was recorded live on Zoom in 2023.  


Module 1: Dream catching

In the first module, you'll learn how to have more dreams, improve your dream recall and record your dreams in a way that prepares for the process of interpreting your dreams. You'll learn some of the more common types of dreams and a 5-step process for recording your dreams.

  • 2 hours


Module 2: abcs & dream walking

The second module begins with an introduction to the ABCs of Dream Coaching.  Then, you'll learn how to identify the key parts of a dream and how to interpret a dream by Dream Walking.  

  • 2 hours


Module 3: dream coaching

In the third module, you'll learn how to help others interpret their dreams by facilitating a dream coaching session using the Inquiry Method.  You'll also learn how to tell when you have successfully interpreted a dream.

  • 2 hours


Module 4: alien interview

In module 4, you'll learn the Alien Interview and how to put everything together in a single dream coaching session.  By the end of this course you'll have the 7 Dream Healing tools you can use to interpret your own dreams and to guide others in discovering the hidden meaning of their own dreams.

  • 2 hours

Empower yourself in your session-based work with clients.

Discover how Regression Hypnotherapy is Dream Healing!

The Magic of It All Is Just Plain Fun

sharon jackman - hypnosis specialist for women, USA

Wendie Webber is, hands down, the expert in the field of dream healing. I’d been working with dreams for decades before I discovered her work. And to say I learned things I’d never heard of before is an understatement. What she taught me opened up a dialogue with my subconscious mind that has helped me immensely in my waking life. My intuition is stronger, my work is more effective, and the magic of it all is just plain fun.

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Flabbergasted . . .

marta santos lima - hipnoterapeuta alquimica (transpessoal), portugal

I was flabbergasted by the tools of Dream Healing. Wendie is an amazing teacher, so knowledgeable, and able to bring so much clarity to complex themes while making it fun to learn and practice. She guided me through not just how to interpret my dreams but also how to sleep and awaken better, remember, and journal my dreams. Dream Healing is a deep journey into your subconscious that allows you to understand what your many inner parts want to communicate with you to change your life.

Knowledge of Dream Interpretation Is Spot On . . .

gena kidd - integrative wellness, USA

Wow, does this gal know about dreams! Wendie explains in imagery and details how to interpret a dream. Her knowledge of dream interpretation is spot on. She opens the doors of our subconscious imagination to explore the feelings expressed in our dreams. I enthusiastically recommend Wendie Webber’s Dream Healing course.

Makes Things So Simple and Easy . . .

Nicole dodd, mindset for change, uk

I have thoroughly loved working with Wendie Webber’s dream healing tools. Wendie makes things so simple and easy that learning new skills, such as dream healing, becomes easy to apply and implement from the start. I have absolutely loved uncovering my dream meanings and then putting what I’ve learned into action because understanding a dream is not enough. It also needs some change/action for resolution to happen. It’s been such an interesting and fun experience. Thank you so much, Wendie!

Life-Changing, Eye-Opening, Mind-Blowing

daniel ghanime - the control alternative, lebanon

Almost everyone knows that dreams are the language of the subconscious mind . . . and many would interpret their dreams in many ways . . . but few would know how to ride their dreams in a lucid way. Then, there are the elite few who know how to use the power of the subconscious language of dreams for therapy. If you are a therapist, go on a life-changing, eye-opening, mind-blowing experience with Wendie Webber and learn how to be a Dream Healing Practitioner. A training course like no other -- for the elite few.