Learn deceptively simple techniques that you can use - yourself and with others - to uncover the hidden meaning of your dreams.

Why is it that some people have a prolific and rich dream life while others languish in the desert of waking consciousness?  It seems to have to do with attention.  The reason too many people have little to no dream recall is that they don’t pay attention to their dreams.  Start paying attention to your dreams and you’ll start to dream more. 

Most people don’t understand their dreams because dreams are often cryptic.  This is because they reflect what we are not allowing into consciousness. Using a symbolic language, they reveal something that the conscious mind didn’t have time to deal with, doesn’t know how to fix, or doesn’t want to look at.  Are you paying attention?

I’m very passionate about dreams.  I started paying attention to my dreams in my teens.  I knew they were important.  I just didn’t know what they meant!  In my mid-twenties, I had a very vivid dream in which a five-year-old gave me a warning.  I had no idea how to interpret it.  Following the recommendation of a friend, I went to a psychic.  She didn’t know anything about dreams, either. It took me years to finally understand what my dream had been trying to tell me.  

I didn’t have the tools, back then. The tools you will discover in this book are the by-product of working with my own dreams for over thirty-five years.  These are the methods that worked for me.  I have taught them to others and they worked for them, too, often in surprising ways.  They can work for you, too.

Dream Healing is a self-healing, self-empowerment process you can do for yourself.  It’s a way to consult with your innermost self to receive answers to questions and solutions to problems.  

Dream Healing is for everyone.  But if you’re a healing practitioner, you need a way to get clear and stay clear so that you can show up more fully for your clients.  Dream Healing gives you a way to do your own work of self-healing.

“Flabbergasted . . .”

I was flabbergasted by the tools of Dream Healing.  Wendie is an amazing teacher, so knowledgeable and able to bring so much clarity to complex themes, while making it fun to learn and practice.  She guided me through, not just how to interpret my dreams, but also on how to sleep and awaken better, remember, and journal my dreams.  Dream Healing is a deep journey into your subconscious that allows you to understand what your many inner parts want to communicate with you to change your life.

Marta Santos Lima
Hipnoterapeuta Alquimica (Transpessoal)
Porto, Portugal

“The Magic of it All is Just Plain Fun”

Wendie Webber is, hands down, the expert in the field of Dream Healing. I’d been working with dreams for decades before I discovered her work. And to say I learned things I’d never heard of before is an understatement. What she taught me opened up a dialogue with my subconscious mind that has helped me immensely in my waking life. My intuition is stronger, my work is more effective, and the magic of it all is just plain fun.

Sharon Jackman Hypnosis Specialist for Women
Sharon Jackman Hypnosis,
Wake Forest, NC

The Tools of Dream Healing include:

Are you a hypnosis practitioner?

I have been a hypnosis practitioner specializing in regression to cause therapeutic hypnosis since 2000.  But it wasn’t until I attended my first Regression Hypnotherapy Boot Camp in 2009 that I realized the important connection between dreams and hypnosis. And it was all because of the gift of a question.

During one of the breaks, we were discussing what we were learning and someone asked me, “Wendie, how come you get this stuff?”  I honestly didn’t have an answer.  I thought, ‘Doesn’t everybody get this stuff?’  

After sleeping on it, the answer came to me.  Dreams speak the language of the subconscious mind.  That’s where we work! Working with my own dreams has taught me how to listen to the subconscious mind and honor what it has to say.  It has taught me how to translate the native language of the subconscious mind into language the conscious mind can understand.  It has also helped me to get comfortable navigating the subconscious mind and feel fearless facilitating regression sessions.

Dream work helped me to develop skills that are important to regression hypnotherapy.

For example, observation skills, uncovering skills, and skill working with Parts.  It has also taught me to cultivate an attitude of objectivity in sessions with clients. Dream Healing crosses over to regression techniques such as:

  • Regression to past event
  • The Uncovering Procedure
  • Inner Child Work
  • Dialogue Work
  • Emotional-Release Work
  • Resourcing Techniques
  • Insight Generating
  • More . . .

What you will discover is that dream work is fun.  

This doesn’t mean that you should take your dreams lightly, however. Dreams don’t tell us what we already know.  They show us what our conscious, thinking mind doesn’t know, can’t fix, or doesn’t want to look at.  For a hypnosis practitioner, this is valuable information! If you’re a hypnosis practitioner, Dream Healing gives you a way to get familiar with the territory of your subconscious mind and get fluent in the language of the subconscious.

Dream Healing is a practice in listening and paying attention to what your subconscious mind has to say – not telling it what to do. Your dreams will show you what your subconscious mind feels is important.  As you work with your own dreams, you’ll begin to develop a sixth sense for recognizing patterns and themes. 

This ability can help you immensely in your sessions with clients.

Most of us have friends and family members who we’d love to help but it may not be appropriate for you to do hypnotherapy with them.  They may not feel comfortable diving into deeply personal material and you may not want to go there, either.  Dream Healing gives you a way to work with these folks and help them to find their own answers and solutions.

Hypnotherapy is Dream Healing!

We’re helping a person to heal the underlying perceptions that contribute to the problems they come to see us about.  We are not in the business of dealing with “facts.”  We’re in the business of dealing with perceptions - both true and false.

Those perceptions don’t come out of nowhere.  They are contained in past experience which are held in memory.  Dream Healing allows you to view a person’s history as a dream.  As a result, you can relax, sit back, and take more of an observer role in your sessions. 

The father of psychotherapy, Sigmund Freud, recognized this.  In fact, he called dreams “the Royal Road” to the unconscious.  This is what Dream Healing gives you – a path to the subconscious mind.  Because hypnotherapy follows psychotherapy, Dream Healing gives you a way to work with your own subconscious mind in a way that matches what you do in hypnotherapy sessions with clients. 

Dream Healing can make you a better hypnotherapist! 

As you work with your own dreams, you will be developing a skill that is unique to you and that will empower you in your sessions with clients. Mastering these simple techniques will help you to develop your skill and confidence in your hypnotherapy sessions. The secret, really, is to get out of the way, stay curious, and let the subconscious mind show you.  

When you can sit back, relax, and let the client do all the work, not only will you feel more confident facilitating the healing process, your sessions will rock!

Dream work is all about you.  It’s about working with your subconscious mind and developing a relationship with your innermost self.  Through the process of working with your own dreams, you will develop a deeper relationship with your subconscious mind. 

You’ll learn how to:

  • Petition your dreams to receive guidance. 
  • Catch your dreams
  • Record your dreams
  • Interpret your dreams
  • Know when you have successfully interpreted a dream

Dream Healing is for everyone.  

Dream Healing is fun!  If you’re a hypnosis practitioner, Dream Healing can give you the solid foundation you need to feel confident in your sessions with clients.  This is the same system that helped me to understand how healing happens.  It can help you to hone your skills as a healing practitioner.  For example, you will learn how to:

  • Make the client do the work
  • Identify the underlying aspects contributing to the client’s issue
  • Open a dialogue with the client’s subconscious mind
  • What questions to ask when you’re interviewing a Part
  • Recognize how regression happens and what to when it does happen.

Dream Healing is a skill that everybody should learn.  I think you should learn it, too.  I want you to get fired up about your dreams, and discover for yourself how giving attention to your dream life can support you in your daily life.

So, come . . . sit by the fire . . . and let’s dream together . . .

Excerpted from Chapter 1 of Dream Healing Practitioner Guidebook
A Healer's Guide to Uncovering the Secret Message of Your Dreams

“Life-Changing, Eye-Opening, Mind-Blowing . . .”

Almost everyone knows that dreams are the language of the subconscious mind . . . and many would interpret their dreams in many ways . . . but few would know how to ride their dreams in a lucid way.  Then, there are the elite few who know how to use the power of the subconscious language of dreams for therapy.  If you are a therapist, go on a life-changing, eye-opening, mind-blowing experience with Wendie Webber and learn how to be a Dream Healing Practitioner.  A training course like no other - for the elite few.

Daniel Ghanime
The Control Alternative

“Makes Things So Simple and Easy . . .”

I have thoroughly loved working with Wendie Webber’s dream healing tools. Wendie makes things so simple and easy that learning new skills such as dream healing become easy to apply and implement from the start. I have absolutely loved uncovering my dream meanings and then putting what I’ve learnt into action because understanding a dream is not enough, it also needs some change/action for resolution to happen. It’s been such an interesting and fun experience. Thank you, so much, Wendie!

Nicole Dodd, Hypnotist
Mindset for Change
Norfolk, UK