Ditch the Script: Get Everything You Need from the Client for Successful Hypnotherapy and Set Up to Wrap Up with Results

Success is always in your set up.  Discover simple, practical solutions that you can use right away to set yourself up to be more successful in facilitating a hypnotherapy program.

These are things that helped me in my Regression Hypnotherapy practice. They helped me to feel more confident guiding the healing process, get paid a premium fee, and grow a referral-based business.

They can help you, too.

Ditch the Script reveals simple strategies you can use to:

  • Set up for successful Regression to Cause hypnotherapy
  • Wrap up your sessions powerfully without ever needing a script
  • Feel confident guiding a client through a healing process

This is not a single session approach! Learn how to set up for real results working with real clients!

"Make room in your toolbox for Wendie Webber’s brilliant new book!"

"As an Elman trainer, teaching Dave Elman’s regression techniques, I found “Ditch the Script” has provided cement to my personal blueprint of how to increase success for my clients, our students, and for my techniques.  Wendie has blended her extensive experience and varied training into this well laid-out, confidence-building manual on how to put scripts aside and be truly client-centered.  She spans the set-ups of qualifying your clients, unpacking their issues, gathering the key information needed, setting up for the forgiveness work and wrapping up sessions. . . all without using a ‘script’.  Make room in your toolbox for Wendie Webber’s brilliant new book, put down your scripts, and become more adept at using regression successfully.  In the words of Dave Elman, “Want it to happen, make it happen and watch it happen!”

Cheryl J. Elman President of the Dave Elman Hypnosis Institute, Trainer, BS Ed, Int’l Speaker, ElmanHypnosis.com

Book 1

The Devil's Therapy: Hypnosis Practitioner's Essential Guide to Effective Regression Hypnotherapy

Turn your hypnosis sessions into healing programs and get results that last.  Discover how a 200-year-old fairy tale reveals a complete system for facilitating effective regression hypnotherapy.

Learn . . .

  • The three essential phases of effective regression hypnotherapy 
  • The why behind the how-to of regression to cause hypnosis. 

Get clear.  Get confident.  Get results that last. 

Book 2

Ditch the Script: Get Everything You Need from the Client to Set Up and Wrap Up for Effective Regression Hypnotherapy

Break free of ‘scriptnotism’ and start facilitating client-centered Regression-to-Cause Therapeutic Hypnosis.

Discover how to . . .

  • Get the right clients for you
  • Gather the information you need to guide the healing process effectively
  • Create a system that supports you in your sessions with clients
  • Set up to get real results working with real clients
  • Facilitate a truly client-centered approach to healing.