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Turn your hypnosis sessions into healing programs with the 3 essential phases hidden within a Grimm’s Fairy Tale. 

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A fresh look at Hypnotherapy!

"The Devil’s Therapy is the first fresh look at hypnotherapy I have read in years. Her down-to-earth style - "People don’t pay for hypnosis. They pay for results"- along with her theoretical foundation, allowing us to get consistent results, make this a book a 'MUST add' to my library of important books by trained thought providers and thought leaders. I recommend this book to anyone interested in learning about our minds and how they work."

BUNNY VREELAND  //  Upgrade Your Life with Dr. Bunny, California, USA

Clear, concise goals AND, most importantly, RESULTS!

"This is what Regression Hypnosis sessions are all about.  This book supports you in being even more successful by being part of this “devilish” plan to help clients without delay…

I have gotten to know, appreciate, and respect Wendie over the years. Her experience in the field of regression hypnotherapy is a important asset to the hypnosis community.  That is why we chose her in 2019 to receive the “Gerald Kein Award of Excellence”, an honor bestowed upon only a few select who excel at what they do.  I remember Gerald Kein telling me about Wendie Webber being one of the OMNI greats and him being really proud for having her excel at what he had taught her.

This is what this book will help you to do: EXCEL!”

HANSRUEDI WIPF //  President OMNI Hypnosis Training Center International, Successor of Gerald Kein, Zurich Switzerland

What's Inside the Book?

Not Just Another "How to" Book

The Devil's Therapy will show how to master the tools and techniques you already have by learning the "why" behind the "how-to" of Regression to Cause Hypnosis.

A Step-by-Step System for Regression to Cause Hypnotherapy

Gives you a complete step-by-step system to support you in getting real results working with real clients in your Regression Hypnotherapy sessions.

A Devilishly Cool Story

Uses a Grimm's Fairy Tale to illustrate the healing journey of Regression Hypnotherapy.

  • 3 Phase System
  • 7 Step Protocol
  • 4 Universal Healing Steps
  • A whole lot more . . .
Susanne Neuenschwander Certified Hypnotist

wealth of information and countless helpful tips


In this clearly understandable and helpful book, which repeatedly draws parallels to the Brothers Grimm's fairy tale, Wendie Webber answers all the questions one has as a trained hypnotherapist. She generously shares her immense wealth of experience and wisdom with any reader interested in the connections behind the concept of uncovering regression. Although everyone knows what ingredients are needed to bake a loaf of bread, the optimal loaf actually succeeds only if one not only knows the proportions of ingredients, the temperatures of the liquid, the time of rising of the dough, and the degree of heat and duration of baking, but also understands and considers the "how and why." The author's insight into the innermost part of our being helps to a better understanding of the connections between human problems and their causes in the subconscious. The book reads easily and thanks to the clear structuring, the wealth of information and countless helpful tips can be looked up again and again.

A resource to be treasured!

The Devil's Therapy is a resource to be treasured! Webber's clear, concise, and clever approach helps the practitioner understand how to use regression hypnotherapy to effectively heal physical, mental, and emotional trauma at the level of consciousness that produces the symptoms. She fills in knowledge gaps, that all too many hypnotherapists don't receive in their training, from soup to nuts with precision and wit. Webber writes in a lovely, playful, and easy-to-read style as you marvel at the depth of her intellect and openness to share her knowledge. The Devil's Therapy is a gift to regression therapists everywhere and a must-read for new hypnotherapists who desire to understand the complete and practical applications for regression to cause."

STEPHANIE CONKLE  //  Creator of Profound Somnambulism, Georgia, US

Read what Wendie Webber has to say!

"Wendie Webber is not only a highly skilled expert in her therapeutic art; she is also a very fine writer. You want to keep turning those pages and reading to find out the next point she’s making or the next story she’s telling. A wonderful storyteller, she keeps you reading till the midnight hours. Read what Wendie Webber has to say! She’s an award- winning expert who gets more rave reviews than you can even imagine."

MARILYN GORDON//  Life Transformation Coach & HealerCalifornia, USA

About the Author

Wendie Webber

Start making sense of Regression-to-Cause Therapeutic Hypnosis! With over thirty years of experience as a healing practitioner, Wendie presents a thorough, clear and systematic approach to help hypnosis practitioners make sense of Regression Hypnotherapy.

Recipient of the 2020 Pinecone Book Award.

Transform your Regression Hypnotherapy practice and get results that last.

Get Clear. Get Confident. Get Lasting Results.

The perfect tool . . .

"Wendie is the one of the most outstanding Regression to Cause teachers out there. Her understanding of how to get great results with R2C is second to none. This book contains all her wisdom and understanding of the subject and is the perfect tool for people who want to be able to get the greatest outcomes with their clients."

 INES SIMPSON//  Creator of The Simpson Protocol, BC, Canada

A walk on the wild side!

"Guys - we all know Regression to Cause is the Porsche in hypnotherapy. Well, get ready to drive the Porsche in the Convertible Version - with Wendie Webber. Turn up the music in the radio - Lou Reed’s playing "Take a walk on the wild side,” and get ready to be fined…. You might be exceeding the speed limit! Rock n’ Roll, the devil is sitting in your passenger’s seat! Yeah! Enjoy the ride!"

BARBARA SCHOLL//  Creator, HypnoKids, Zurich, Switzerland

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