Root Cause Remedy for Results Course

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About this course

Learn simple tests you can use to locate the Initial Sensitizing Event. 

  • Module 1: Introduction to the Root Cause Remedy
  • Module 2: The Dandelion Effect
  • Module 3: Tests for the ISE
  • Module 4: Uncovering Tips
  • Module 5: Conclusion
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Course Structure

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Introduction to the Root Cause Remedy

An overview of the course contents.

Introduction to Root Cause Remedy

Introduction to the Root Cause Remedy for Results Course.

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The Dandelion Effect

Different schools teach different approaches and different theories about regression.  So, we’re going start with a quick look at Regression Theory in a way that makes it easy to understand and explain to potential clients.

The Dandelion Effect

Why regression is the solution when nothing else has worked.

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Test for the ISE

Why you must test for the Initial Sensitizing Event.

Test for Age

What the "rule of thumb" is when testing for the ISE.

The Feeling Test

The most common test for the ISE and how the client can trick you.

The Safety Test

An important test before beginning the Inner Child Work.

The S.E.A.L. Pattern

The signature of an ISE in childhood.

The Key to Resolving the ISE

How to identify the cause of the cause during the uncovering procedure.

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Uncovering Tips

In this section we'll look at how an event tends to play out in stages or phases, how perceptions, thoughts and feelings can stack up on a single event, and how processing an SSE can have a "backwash" event into the ISE.

Uncovering Tips

How an event typically plays out and what to watch for.

The Backwash Effect

How resolving an SSE can neutralize the ISE.

Threshold of Change

The moment of insight that tells you the client is on the threshold of real and lasting change.

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A brief summary of the Root Cause Remedy for Results course.

Root Cause Remedy Summary

A quick summary of what you've just learned.

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