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Introduction 4 Lessons

Introduction CA1-1

The first system in the Tribe of Healers Business System is Client-Attraction System. In the Client Attraction program you will learn some simple strategies that can help you to get paying clients into your healing practice. If you’re a self-employed healing practitioner, it’s your business to go out and get clients if you want to get paid. Client’s equals cash. The problem is that most healing practitioners are taught little to nothing about marketing and promotion. And too many leave the classroom only to struggle to make a living. The Build-it-and-they-will-come, Field of Dreams story is a myth. The truth is, if all you do is hang up your certificate and hang out your shingle, you’ll probably wait a long time. And you won’t be in business for long. If you want to make a living as a healing practitioner you need strategies for attracting paying clients into your practice. But client attraction isn’t about getting more clients. Getting more clients just means you’re going to have more problems in your sessions. And when you’re just starting out you don’t need more problems. You need some solid wins to help you grow your confidence and your skill. The way to do that is to make sure you’re getting the right client’s for you. That’s what will help you to grow your knowledge and skill as a healer. And that’s what will get you better, more consistent results. Your results will get you more clients. And allow you to charge a premium fee for your services. It all begins with having a client attraction system that can help you to: - Get more clients you can be successful with - Get more lasting results with your clients - Make more money for less effort Module 1: Discover how to use the Three Essential Truths About Hypnosis as a preliminary assessment tool. So you can get more clients you can be successful with. Module 2: Discover what costly marketing mistakes to avoid. You’ll also learn a simple formula you can use to attract more of the right kinds of clients to you. Modules 3 and 4: Learn the easiest way to get more clients when you’re operating on a shoestring budget. You’ll also get tips on how to create your own presentations and group programs. So you can attract more clients and make more money in your healing practice. Module 5: Learn how discounting your services and coupon offers can cost you. And how to avoid some of the common disasters associated with these things. Module 6: Discover a part of your client-attraction system that too many healing practitioners overlook. And how it can help you to grow a referral-based practice.

Essential Truth #1 CA1-2

Not everything can be resolved with hypnosis.

Essential Truth #2 CA1-3

Not everyone is necessarily the right client for you!

Essential Truth #3 CA1-4

Not everyone is going to be ready to do the work.
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Three Big Fat Marketing Mistakes 8 Lessons

Marketing Mistake #1 CA2-1

My Big Fat Marketing Mistake #1 was thinking marketing is sales. 

Marketing Mistake #2 CA2-2

My second Big Fat Marketing Mistake #2 was not being specific enough.

Marketing Mistake #3 CA2-3

My third marketing mistake was marketing the Hypnosis. The problem with marketing the hypnosis is that nobody cares about hypnosis.  

Offer the Right Solution CA2-4

When it comes to hypnosis there are three kinds of people.  1. People who don’t know anything about hypnosis 2. People who think they know what hypnosis is 3. People who know what it is – and it ain’t good ...

The Who-What-How Solution CA2-5

There’s a better way to promote yourself and your services so you can get more clients.  First, recognize that everybody has a problem they would love to be free of.  Second, recognize that you may be just the answer they’ve been looking for.  They just don’t know it yet. Third, get clear about your Who-What-How.  

Marketing Mistake #4 CA2-6

A common mistake you need to avoid is using lists and menus.

Be True to You CA2-7

Hypnosis is not the answer -YOU are.  And for a lot more people than you realize.  

Touch the Owie CA2-8

When you have someone in the chair the first thing you address is their pain.  That’s their motivating factor.  That’s what they’re paying you for.  So, it’s important to always touch the “owie”.  
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Client Attractors 3 Lessons

Online Client Attractors CA3-1

When a person visits your website the result you’re after is for them to pick up the phone and call you.  So you need to make it safe for a person to contact you.

Education-Based Marketing CA3-2

Education-based marketing is using teaching as a way to promote yourself and your services.  So if you educate your clients about hypnosis before your sessions you already know how to do this.  

Teach Classes CA3-3

Not everyone who attends one of your presentations or who calls you is going to be ready, willing or able to dive into private sessions right away.  Another way you can get more paying clients is by teaching self-hypnosis classes.
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Presentation Tips 9 Lessons

Working with Groups CA4-1

The following are 8 tips to help you create presentations to promote yourself and your services.  You can also use them to create classes and group programs to make more money in your healing practice.

Create an Outline CA4-2

Here's a basic outline you can use to create any number of informational talks. 

Have a Sign-up Sheet CA4-21

A great place to attract clients is at an event like a holistic fair.  Meeting people in person will generate business for you.  If you have a sign-up sheet up sheet you can contact them later.  

Use PowerPoint CA4-3

PowerPoint can help to keep you on topic and on time.

Make Participants Responsible CA4-5

Whether you’re doing an introductory presentation, a hypnosis pre-talk, or teaching a class, be very clear on one point - all hypnosis is self-hypnosis.   You can’t make a person change.  And you can’t do it for them.

Use Deepeners CA4-6

Group hypnosis lends itself particularly well to relaxation hypnosis because you don’t have the time to monitor individual responses in a group setting.  So you need an approach that is going to work for most people.  

Wrap Up Convincingly CA4-7

Hypnosis itself doesn’t feel like anything.  If you don’t provide proof, some people will just be tempted to think, “Well, I felt relaxed …” 

Offer a Reward CA4-8

At the end of your presentation, have something extra you give your guests as a special thank you for taking the time to show up and listen to you
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Pricing Pitfalls 6 Lessons

Discounting – Don’t Do it! CA5-1

A common mistake a lot of beginners make is offering discounts on sessions.  It can seem like a reasonable thing to do when you’re just starting out.  It's not.

Charge a Premium Fee CA5-2

Providing a superior service will get you better results.  It’s also what will allow you to charge a premium fee. 

Coupon Promos CA5-3

Coupons might be a way for you to promote your hypnosis practice but if you're not careful this strategy for promoting your practice could end up costing you. 

Disaster Versus Ka-Ching! CA5-4

In this segment I’m going to share a couple of examples of two different healing practitioners and how they used coupons. One was a disaster.  The other generated new clients.

Get Testimonials CA5-5

Client testimonials are a great way to promote your healing practice.  But to use them effectively you need to avoid these two mistakes. 

How to Get Testimonials CA5-6

When you deliver on your promises to your clients, they’ll gladly return the favor by providing you with a testimonial.  Here's some tips to help you get great client testimonials to promote yourself and your services.
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Client Relationship System CA5-2 2 Lessons

Follow Up CA6-1

In this segment we’re going to look at an often overlooked part of your client attraction system - follow-up. 

Stay Connected CA6-2

Your client relationship system is about staying in touch.  Some clients are going to need longer-term support. Others will send you referrals if you stay connected.  
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Conclusion 1 Lesson

Client Attraction Summary

Where do you go from here?   Make sure you download your EXTRA report. 
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