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8 Lessons

Class 1: Dream Catching

In the first module, you'll learn how to have more dreams, improve your dream recall and record your dreams in a way that prepares for the process of interpreting your dreams. You'll learn some of the more common types of dreams and a 5-step process for recording your dreams.

Class 1:1 Introduction

- Dream Healing begins with YOU. - What tools do you need? - About Wendie - What is a dream? - Regression Hypnotherapy is Dream Healing

Class 1:2 Sleep Deprivaton

- Thoughts vs Feelings - Sleep Therapy - Sleep Deprivation - Sleep Cycles

Class 1:3 Sleep Cycles

- Hypnogogia - 5 Stages of Sleep - Sleep Cycles

Class 1:4 Types of Dreams

- 3 Most Common Types of Dreams - Subconscious Communication - Getting Started

Class 1:5 How to Catch the Dream

Tool #1 - Dream Catching - Assumptions - Associations - What if you don't remember your dreams?

Class 1:6 Brain Dumping

- Blocks to Dream Recall - Dream Catching Summary - Tool #2: Dream Journal

Class 1:7 How to Record a Dream

- How to Record a Dream - What to Pay Attention to - Working Title - 72 Hour Clause

Class 1:8 Q & A

- Class discussion
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8 Lessons

Class 2: ABCs & Dream Walking

The second module begins with an introduction to the ABCs of Dream Coaching. Then, you'll learn how to identify the key parts of a dream and how to interpret a dream by Dream Walking.

Class 2:1 A is "All that I see"

Tool #3 - The ABCs of Dream Healing - A = All that I see . . . - Perception is projection - The Critical Faculty of the Mind - Dreams reflect daily issues

Class 2:2 Day Dream

Day Dream Exercise

Class 2:3 Identify Keywords

- Identifying Parts - Identifying Keywords

Class 2:4 Q & A

Tool #4: The Dream Walk - Getting the broad strokes of the Story - Identifying the Parts that are active in current situation

Class 2:5 How to Dream Walk

Dream Walking Exercise

Class 2:6 Q & A

Debriefing the Dream Walk Exercise

Class 2:7 What to Pay Attention To

- Dream structure - What to pay attention to - Headlining Exercise

Class 2:8 Q & A

Wrap up of Class 2
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9 Lessons

Class 3: Dream Coaching

In the third module, you'll learn how to help others interpret their dreams by facilitating a dream coaching session using the Inquiry Method. You'll also learn how to tell when you have successfully interpreted a dream.

Class 3:1 B is "Become"

- Fritz Perls - How to use a Dream Dictionary - Parts Work - B = Become - The Hardest Part for a Hypnosis Practitioner

Class 3:2 The Rules of Dream Coaching

- Dream Coaching Rules - Tool #5: Inquiry Method

Class 3:4 Inquiry Method

- Dream Coaching Key to Inquiry Method - How emotions express physically

Class 3:5 Dream Coaching Inquiry Method

- Fly on the Wall - Inquiry Method - 2 questions - Inquiry Method Exercise

Class 3:6 Q & A

- Inquiry Method Exercise Debriefing - Session-based work

Class 3:7 C is "Connect" & "Commit"

- C = Connect - Dreams get triggered - C = Commit - Tool #6: The Aesthetic Moment - Not every dream will provide a solution

Class 3:8 Q & A

- Dream Work gets subconscious and conscious minds working together

Class 3:9 Q & A

Discussion on how the techniques you're learning cross over to session-based work.
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8 Lessons

Class 4: Alien Interview

In module 4, you'll learn the Alien Interview and how to put everything together in a single dream coaching session. By the end of this course you'll have the 7 Dream Healing tools you can use to interpret your own dreams and to guide others in discovering the hidden meaning of their own dreams.

Class 4:1 Check-In

Class discussion

Class 4:2 Review Tools 1 - 4

Review: Tool #1: Dream Catching Tool #2: Dream Journal Tool #3: ABCs of Dream Healing - All that I see . . . - Symptoms tell a story - Change the Meaning Tool #4 - The Dream Walk

Class 4:3 Review the Rules, Inquiry Method

- the Rules - Tool #5: The Inquiry Method - Become - Tool #6: The Aesthetic Moment

Class 4:4 The Aesthetic Moment

- Integration - Connect the dots - Commit

Class 4:5 Testing Techniques

- Muscle Response Test #1 - Muscle Response Test #2

Class 4:6 Alien Interview

Tool #7: The Alien Interview - Six Magic Questions - What if you get stuck? - Put it all together into a Dream Coaching Session

Class 4:7 Q & A

Class Discussion & Course Wrap Up Next Step: Dream Healing Practitioner Book The Devil's Therapy Book Series More courses offered by Tribe of Healers
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