Root Cause Remedy for Results Course

Learn simple tests you can use to locate the Initial Sensitizing Event. 

  • Module 1: Introduction to the Root Cause Remedy
  • Module 2: The Dandelion Effect
  • Module 3: Tests for the ISE
  • Module 4: Uncovering Tips
  • Module 5: Conclusion

12 Lessons



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Hypnosis Practice Business System

Learn a simple 5-phase business system you can use to set up and grow a regression hypnotherapy practice that pays.

  • Module 1: Introduction
  • Module 2: Create Your Own System
  • Module 3: Get Clients You Can Be Successful With.
  • Module 4: Create Your Ideal Client
  • Module 5: Get Results That Last.
  • Module 6: Stay in Touch.
  • Module 7:  Get Paid!
  • Module 8: What's the Next Step?

14 Lessons


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Ready for Regression First Session System

Learn how to use your first session to set up for successful regression to cause therapeutic hypnosis.  

  • Module 1: Get Set for Clients Course.
  • Module 2: Preliminary Assessment System Course.  
  • Module 3:  Strategic Intake Process Course.
  • Module 4: Educational Pre-Talk Course.
  • Module 5: The Potty Break Protocol Course
  • Module 6: Create Your Ideal Client Session Course .
  • Module 7: Ready for Regression Session Course. 
  • Module 8: Bonus Content!

You'll find a PDF Report for each course in the Module Summary section. 

152 Lessons



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