Hypnotherapy for Hives and Skin Conditions

I have a client coming in a couple of weeks who has outbreaks of hives.  She has been to several doctors, none of whom have found a cause. She only has a breakout when she is out of the house, most of the time. Almost like Agoraphobia, except she isn’tContinue reading

10 Questions for Hypnotherapists

10 questions about working with traumatic memory with hypnotherapy. If you are a Hypnotherapist there is so much to be learned from this series of videos.  So grab yourself a java because this series of traumatic experiences illustrated through art is powerful.  The following 10 questions are answered through thisContinue reading

Educational Pre-Talk: How the Brain Works

Your educational pre-talk is a valuable part of your healing practice.  You can use it to educate the public about what you do and how you can help.  And it’s an essential to the practice of regression to cause hypnosis. Regression hypnotherapy is therapeutic hypnosis.  There’s much more to itContinue reading

Resistance – If It Feels Like You’re Hammering …

Running into resistance in your hypnosis sessions?  Feel like you’re hammering away and nothing is working?  If so, you need a different approach. My husband used to manage construction sites.  One day he arrived on the site to find the crew trying to get a girder in place.  They were hammering away. Continue reading

Is Memory True in Regression?

When you’re dealing with an event in regression, you’re not dealing with an actual event.  You’re dealing with a memory. A memory is a Story. That Story may or may not have any basis in fact.  But the feeling is always true. Memory isn’t based in fact.  It’s based inContinue reading

EFT – What’s LOVE got to do with it?

One of the most powerful statements a person can ever say to themselves is the EFT self-acceptance statement, “I deeply and completely love and accept myself“. But it’s not a suggestion you should use with every client. Why NOT use it with your hypnosis clients? The EFT self-acceptance statement isContinue reading

Back to the Future Regression Hypnotherapy

You commented, “If you have time, you can amplify a negative feeling during a Future Pace and bridge back to where it’s coming from.  If not, make a note of it for the next session.” Would you expand on that statement a bit?  This sounds more detailed than what IContinue reading