Hamster Ball Hypnosis

The focus of healing hypnosis is not to change external conditions or manage symptoms.  Rather it is to change the underlying perceptions, thoughts and feelings which cause unwanted symptoms and behaviors. Changing a person’s perception changes how they experience life or what we call “Reality.” There’s a popular axiom which states, “AsContinue reading

Healing Hypnosis for Surgical Trauma

Can past surgeries be related to a client’s presenting issue?  The key to complete resolution is to unplug all the connections between the trauma of the past event and the presenting symptoms. Trauma expert, Dr. Robert Scaer’s devotes an entire section to the subject of trauma resulting from surgical interventionContinue reading

Energy Healing Hypnosis

Should you incorporate other healing modalities such as energy healing with hypnosis?  The hypnosis purists insist hypnotherapy ought not to be contaminated by other practices such as energy healing, NLP, EFT, etc. I agree with them on at least one point – it’s best to master the tools of hypnotherapy beforeContinue reading

Cancer – The Forbidden Truth

If you’re a Hypnotherapist you WILL get clients who have been diagnosed with cancer.  They’re terrified. Conventional opinion only feeds into these fears. You WILL get clients who have chosen to refuse conventional treatment.  They’re terrified. Many are unsure about their options.  They’re afraid of making the wrong choice. YouContinue reading

Hypnosis: How to Stay in Your Hypnosis Business

The biggest problem we face as one-on-one therapists (as opposed to running seminars and teaching groups) is that we help people so quickly that we need ongoing referrals to stay in business.  Unlike Massage Therapists, Acupuncturists, or Kinesiologists, who can schedule their clients for ongoing sessions, once we have succeededContinue reading

Are Coupon Deals the Best Way to Promote Your Hypnosis Services?

Before you start offering $29 hypnosis sessions consider this… Coupon deals could be THE WAY to promote YOUR hypnosis services. Or they could COST you. Online coupon offers might be a viable way for you to get more clients so you can grow your business. But you need to beContinue reading

Hypnotic Phenomenon Just for Stage Hypnosis?

Think arm catalepsy is just for stage hypnotism? If you think arm catalepsy is just for show you’d be wrong. Hypnotic phenomenon has a useful function in the therapeutic setting.  For example, arm catalepsy makes a great convincer. Convincers provide proof to the client that hypnosis is happening.  This idea convertsContinue reading