Mind Body Healing Hypnosis

The Subconscious Mind is the repository of all our memories.  It stores all these memories energetically through emotion.  And it holds the answers to mind body healing. We experience our emotions physically, in the body, because the body is the Subconscious Mind. Candace Pert, scientist and author of Molecules ofContinue reading

Regression Hypnosis: Is it fact or fiction?

Are the events that surface during age regression real?  What do you do when your client emerges from a regression hypnosis session and asks,  “How do I know those things really happened?” When a client visits an event from the past and later questions their perceptions of it, realize theyContinue reading

Mask of Forgiveness

Forgiveness Work is central to regression-to-cause hypnosis because there are people in the client’s life who need to be forgiven.  Forgiveness is a letting go. To get a complete resolution of the problem the client must be willing to let go of the emotional charge attached to painful past events.  That’s what’sContinue reading

How to Be A Naturally Therapeutic Hypnosis Healer

Clair loves energy work.  When I do energy work on her she can feel sensations of warmth and tingling.  This thrills and amazes Clair. What’s more, it takes her pain away. Clair is a frail, fiercely independent 93 year old who, despite being crippled, continues to live on her own.Continue reading

Repressed Emotions the Vulcan Madness

My earliest lessons in repressed memories came from episodes of Star Trek.  As a child I was glued to the set each week to watch the hunky Captain James T. Kirk boldly go where no man has gone before – usually with some buxom Babe. The Captain had two trusty side-kicksContinue reading

Healing Hives with Hypnosis

I have a client who is a young woman, single parent.  She developed itchy hives 5-6 months ago after a treatment to remove an old tattoo.  They are more frequent over her thighs and inner arms but appear anywhere on her body.  They are worse when she is stressed butContinue reading

Is a Hypnosis Script the Right Solution?

The most common question asked on hypnosis forums is, “Does anybody have a script for ….?”  Unfortunately, it’s usually the wrong question. While generic hypnosis scripts are useful for providing a template for offering suggestions, for a script to be truly effective, it must be customized to the specific needsContinue reading