Is Biology of Belief Relevant to Hypnotherapy?

Stuff Hypnotherapists Need to Know:  Biology of Belief Is Bruce Lipton’s “Biology of Belief” relevant to hypnotherapy?  You tell me.  Perceptions of the environment in childhood formed beliefs.  Our beliefs are responsible for many problems we experience later in life.  By helping a person change their perceptions and beliefs youContinue reading

Brain Chemistry and Addiction

Stuff Hypnotherapists Need to Know: Brain Development and Addiction. In this fascinating presentation Dr. Gabor Mate gives answers about the nature of addiction that is relevant to regression hypnotherapy.  Learn WHY healing addiction requires a process.  And WHY the substance is not the problem. The substance is the solution toContinue reading

Forgiveness: A Journey from Fear to Love

Regression hypnotherapy is a journey of forgiveness. I remember a TV program a few years back called “Quantum Leap.” It communicated the concepts of quantum physics in very simple terms for the general public. The story was about a scientist who gets trapped in his own experiment.  A blunder into uncontrolled timeContinue reading

Habit Control Hypnosis

I don’t work with habit control.  Neither should you.  Here’s why. If you want to create a habit you need to get it into the Subconscious Mind powerfully.  Then the behavior becomes unconscious, right?  So you don’t have to think about it anymore. Take driving a car, for example.  OrContinue reading

What the Pros Don’t Know Could Hurt Your Hypnosis Practice

The email said he had a fear of flying.  His previous hypnotist had informed him that this issue is “very easy to deal with using hypnosis.” And he wanted to know if I had helped people overcome this fear before. I replied, reassuring him, that I had experience working withContinue reading

4 Patterns Important to Healthy Relationships

Attachment has to do with emotional bonding.   It is essential to survival and it can impact important relationships later in life. Bonding with the people who are responsible for taking care of us improves our chances of survival.  And attachment is always about the relationship with the primary caregiver. ThisContinue reading

Tapping with Hypnosis for Better Results

Combining tapping with regression hypnosis is like chocolate and peanut butter! Meridian Tapping Techniques or “tapping” is the umbrella-term for all energy-psychology modalities like Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT).  This is an evolving healing modality so there are many variations on it.  And they all work. When combined with regression-to-cause hypnosisContinue reading