Healing Claustrophobia with Hypnotherapy

A couple of years ago I was having a conversation with a psychologist who admitted Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) was only partially successful with the phobia cases he worked with.  He wanted to know how a case of claustrophobia could be completely resolved with hypnotherapy.  As I shared the followingContinue reading

Hypnosis Healing Cancer

Two days before I got on the plane to fly to Florida I discovered I had a breast lump.  It was about half the size of my pinky finger and visible.  When I told Steve this he rolled his eyes to the sky and said, “Well, you never know whatContinue reading

Forgiveness is the Healing in Hypnosis

Forgiveness is central to healing with hypnosis.  Forgiveness isn’t saying that what happened was okay, however. The things that were said or done to hurt us caused us pain.  That is definitely not okay.  But burying past hurts does not set a person free from the pain.  Only true forgivenessContinue reading

The Field of Healing Hypnosis

Stuff Hypnosis Practitioners Should Know: Field Theory Suppose Darwin and the DNA model have missed something vital…  So vital that it changes the whole idea of who you really are.  Suppose we’re not who we’re told we are.  Suppose we’re not separate, surviving in a dog-eat-dog world of competition andContinue reading

Best Mind Model for Regression Hypnotherapy

Learn How to Educate Your Clients for Regression Hypnotherapy To get consistent results in your sessions you need clients who are prepared to do the work that’s required to get the results they’re after.   In this program you will learn: 7 Core Concepts for creating an educational pre-talk for regressionContinue reading

Who Else Needs Hypnosis for Sleep?

Stuff Hypnotherapists Need to Know:  Sleep Deprivation. If you’re a hypnosis practitioner sleep may be one of the most important issues you need to be addressing in your sessions with clients.  Why?  Because whether you realize it or not, many of your hypnosis clients are suffering from sleep deprivation. SleepContinue reading

Mind Conceives, Believes, Achieves

Harnessing the power of the Subconscious mind is the key to creating lasting change.  Hypnosis Practitioners understand this.  It is not merely the conscious mind that creates positive change.  The Subconscious Mind holds onto all our beliefs.  And changing your beliefs is the key to creating lasting change. Napoleon Hill,Continue reading