7 Tips to Make Self Hypnosis Easier

Self-hypnosis is an active form of meditation that allows you to create positive change from the inside out.  It’s easier than most forms of meditation.  But many people have difficulty getting started.  And it’s because of a little thing we call the Critical Faculty of the Mind.  So on thisContinue reading

Forgiveness: The Golden Buddha

The Golden Buddha excerpted from The Devil’s Therapy: from Hypnosis to Healing, Module 7, Therapeutic Forgiveness. When the monks received word that the Burmese army was headed their way, they were concerned that the almost ten foot high Golden Buddha that graced the shrine would fall victim to looting.  ToContinue reading

Depression is Anger Turned Inward

Depression includes anger Freud believed that depression was anger turned inward.  He believed that this anger stemmed from childhood trauma and unresolved conflicts that were hiding under many layers of defensive mechanisms such as denial. There’s often anger with depression because the person feels trapped and victimized by their ownContinue reading

Healing Fibroids with Hypnosis

Question: I have a friend with fibroids in the walls of her uterus. She is reluctant to go through with the surgery because it will negatively affect her ability to have children. Is there any imagery that might help her?  Mind-Body Healing I don’t know if this will help yourContinue reading

Hypnosis Addiction Treatment in Single Session

Is hypnosis a one-hit wonder, dog and pony show?  Is it merely about temporarily getting rid of an unwanted behavior? The drug of choice might be food or cigarettes (two issues hypnosis has been shown to be highly effective in helping with.)  It might be an addiction to alcohol, marijuana,Continue reading

3 Tips for Working with Emotional Eaters

Question: I love your explanations and I’m wondering about the clients with just, say 10-15 kilos ( 20 – 30 pounds ) to lose, where there really is no emotional reason.  They just have a habit of eating or drinking a little too much.  This is added to a slowing olderContinue reading

Regression Hypnosis for Birthing Trauma

Regression hypnosis often takes the client back into the womb.  What you will discover there is that our most basic programming begins before birth.  The developing fetus is not merely a ‘baby on board’ awaiting delivery.  It is a sentient being, absorbing and responding to information from its environment. AccordingContinue reading