7 Forgiveness Facts I Learned from My Cat

If you call a dog it will come to you.  If you call a cat it will take a message and get back to you. Cats are notoriously independent creatures.  So suggesting that a cat has anything to teach us about forgiveness probably seems ridiculous.  But what if cats areContinue reading

EFT and Hypnosis: Does the ISE matter?

So THAT’s why EFT works! …. Okay, it was more of a “duh” than a “eureka!” but the insight that dawned on me was while watching an Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT) video.  And it had to do with two very important concepts to Regression Hypnotherapy. The Great ISE debate isContinue reading

Addiction No Place for Hypnosis Scripts

Many issues respond beautifully to hypnotic suggestion alone.  Addiction is not one of them. Addiction is rooted in shame and guilt.  To heal it you must get to the underlying core wounding. Shame is a belief that you are intrinsically flawed; that there is something innately wrong with you.  GuiltContinue reading

Parts Work – 20 Tips for Hypnotherapists

Parts Therapy, also known as Sub-personality Work or Ego State Therapy provides an excellent foundation for doing Regression Hypnosis.  The following 20 tips can help you to work with Parts in hypnosis. Parts Work has many contributors.  Paul Federn, a follower of Freud’s work, is credited for developing an ‘ego therapy’.  Fritz PerlsContinue reading

A Case of Creepy Dreams for

Bill was afraid of the dark.  During the pre-hypnosis interview, he admitted to delving into the occult in his early teens; a subject which both fascinated and scared him at that time. As an adult he now avoided movies dealing with possession or witchcraft themes.   Bill thought this odd because heContinue reading

The Healing Power of Water

Want a simple tool that can help improve your results with hypnosis clients?  Water. Bob’s 93 year old mother was getting pretty foggy.  Her memory was failing and she was having difficulty making sense of things during conversations. A little investigation soon revealed that Claire wasn’t drinking any water. She’s not alone. Continue reading