Regression Hypnosis – Assess Before You Regress

Before you regress a client in hypnosis you need to assess their readiness.  Not only will you have much less resistance to deal with in your regression hypnosis sessions – you’ll get better results. The prime objective of regression-to-cause hypnosis is to: Locate the underlying cause of the problem inContinue reading

Healing Hypnosis: Why Forgive?

We’ve all heard people say, “Oh, yah, I forgave him years ago.” The truth is given half a chance they’d put a stake through that person’s heart if they could.  That’s head forgiveness. Head forgiveness says, “You deserve to burn in hell for eternity for what you did…. but IContinue reading

Healing the Birth Experience in Hypnosis

A great deal of negative learning can be taking place during the birthing process.  And the fears and misperceptions formed at this time can have lasting effect if left unresolved.   The thing to keep in mind is that it’s just a STORY.  And like every story, it has a beginning,Continue reading

Create Your Best Hypnosis Script Every Time

Do you ever wonder why some hypnosis scripts are so much better than others?  Why does one hypnosis script have amazing powers of persuasion with one client?  But then fall flat with another client?  Does this mean you need 50,000 scripts to get the job done?  And how do youContinue reading

Hypnosis Magic Weight Loss Solutions

When it comes to weight loss hypnosis is NOT magic.  But it works.  That’s because hypnosis is a common-sense approach to a person taking charge of the choices they make in daily life. Change how you think and you’ll change how you feel.  Change how you FEEL and your behaviorsContinue reading

Is Hypnosis the Answer to Cancer?

Breaking news – nobody is looking for a cure for cancer.  There’s no money in finding a cure. The money is in treatment.  And symptoms-management approaches like surgery and chemotherapy DO NOT HEAL. This video is a must-see for the serious regression-to-cause hypnosis practitioner because the body knows how toContinue reading

When Healers Needs Healing

Joan is going through a divorce Joan is a hypnosis practitioner.  She’s going through a divorce. Those of us who have weathered our way through the dissolution of a long-term relationship know this can be a difficult time.  The inevitable battles over property division, child-care responsibilities, and finances can challengeContinue reading