Hypnotherapy Power of Asking the Right Questions

The question, “Why am I so unhappy?”  is telling the Subconscious Mind to go find evidence to support the belief, “I am unhappy.”  “Why am I such a loser?” is instructing the Subconscious to provide proof that, “I am such a loser.”  “How come I can’t lose weight?” tells theContinue reading

4 Tapping Tips for Releasing Anxiety

Research shows that tapping can be an effective strategy for releasing anxiety.  In this article I’ll share four tips for releasing anxiety in your hypnotherapy sessions. Phobias and panic attacks are what happen when anxiety comes out to play.  Anything that can help put some distance between the client andContinue reading

Clear These 3 Things in Your Regression Hypnosis Sessions

When you’re processing an event from the past a lot can be happening at once.  Thoughts and feelings are arising in response to What’s Happening.   If the event has a lot of emotional content it can feel overwhelming for the client.  And you. When there’s a lot of emotional intensityContinue reading

Watch for The SEAL Pattern in Your Hypnosis Sessions

The ISE is considered the causal event that made the person sensitive to a specific energy pattern.  And any perception of threat while in a state of helplessness is trauma.  That’s what the ISE is about.  It SEALS the trauma into memory.  So watch for the following SEAL pattern inContinue reading

Are Coupon Deals the Best Way to Promote Your Hypnosis Practice?

Coupon companies offer deep discounts on valuable products and services.  The provider of those goods or services receives a percentage of the proceeds.  So you will make something for your time.  But it’s slave wages.  So before you start offering $29 hypnosis sessions consider this. Coupon deals could be THEContinue reading

The Easiest Way to Get More Hypnosis Clients Without Creeping People Out

To grow your hypnosis practice you need to be promoting yourself and your hypnotherapy services without sounding “salesy”.  That just creeps people out. What’s the easiest way to market hypnosis services?  It’s something you’re probably already doing. The easiest way to attract new clients is called Education Based Marketing (EBM). Continue reading

Secret to Regression Hypnotherapy

Regression Hypnotherapy is a process of going back into past events to resolve internal conflicts that cause a person pain and suffering. But there is one thing that all these events have in common – they’re responsible for forming Parts. The secret to helping your clients resolve painful events fromContinue reading