The Perfect Hypnotic Induction

The hypnotic induction is a process of by-passing the part of the Mind that’s called the Critical Faculty.  This is what allows us to gain access to the part of the Mind that has the power to create real and lasting change. But no two clients are alike.  Some clients can beContinue reading

Can Hypnosis Resolve a Food Allergy?

I have a new hypnosis client with severe allergic reactions to a variety of foods. I haven´t worked with this kind of problem before and I´m not sure which technique works better. Can you help? The first thing to understand is that there’s a difference between a food “allergy” and aContinue reading

Mind Body Healing Hypnosis & Stress

The scientific-materialistic point of view holds that the brain is the Mind.  Or that Mind is a by-product of the brain.  That means the body is making decisions for us.  I think of the brain more as a biological receiver and transmitter of perceptions.  Not a decision-maker over which weContinue reading

Hypnosis, Elvira Kurt and the Regression Review

Here’s a technique I learned from comedian, Elvira Kurt.  No kidding! You can use it to get more detail during the uncovering process with clients.  And when what your client is reporting is somewhat vague or sketchy use this technique it works surprisingly well. Watch this video.  And pay attentionContinue reading

Dreams – What if you don’t remember?

Current research shows that dreaming is just as important as sleeping.  So why is it that some people have a prolific and rich dream life while others languish in the desert of waking consciousness?  It seems to have to do with attention. Everybody Dreams Whether you realize it or not,Continue reading

Tune Your Hypnosis Clients into Feelings

You need your hypnotherapy clients to be connected to their feelings.  So what do you do when they live in their heads?  What do you do when they’re disconnected from their feelings?  Before you begin the healing work you need to help your clients tune into their feelings. Where DoContinue reading

The Great ISE Debate: Must You Always Find It?

Is it always necessary to locate the Initial Sensitizing Event (ISE)?  The ISE is considered the causal event.  It’s the “first time” the client experienced that pattern. Regression-to-Cause Hypnosis Theory suggests that clearing the “first time” pulls the roots out of the dysfunction pattern associated with the problem the clientContinue reading