Regression Hypnosis Attention Test

This is amazing.  If you haven’t yet seen this video on selective attention tests be sure to watch it because it’s all about perception.  We are inputting about 400 billion bits of information per second.  But only 2,000 of those bits are being processed consciously. Now think about that… We are onlyContinue reading

Weight Loss – Lose the Sugar!

To design an effective weight loss program for your hypnosis clients help them lose the sugar. It’s no secret that the fastest route to successful weight loss is to lose the sugar. Do that and, most of the time, the weight will take care of itself. Practically everything has sugarContinue reading

Regression Hypnosis – Is It Real?

The client emerged from a regression hypnosis session and asked, “How do I know if those things really happened?” How would you answer? Are the events that surface during age regression real?  Or is the client just making it all up? Both. What we know is that the mind worksContinue reading

Truth about Anti-Depressants and Brain Chemistry

Many hypnosis and hypnotherapy clients are taking antidepressants.  So healing practitioners we need to be well-informed about antidepressants and brain chemistry to be able to help these people. This authoritative video will help you understand how antidepressants. It also reveals the truth about antidepressants and brain chemistry. Dr. Ross recentlyContinue reading

Hypnosis and Food Allergies vs Food Intolerances

In the movie, Fearless, Jeff Bridges plays the part of Max Klein, an architect who survives a plane crash. As the plane is making its rapid, uncontrolled descent, Max surrenders to the certainty of his impending death. Death doesn’t come. Instead, Max, in a state of enlightened peace, emerges fromContinue reading

Stress – it’s not all in your head!

Everybody’s got stress. Is it any wonder that stress is a major contributor to many of the conditions people seek out the help of a good hypnotherapist to resolve? Things like: Anxiety Insomnia Memory problems Heart disease Weight gain Decreased immune function Cancer Infertility Trouble concentrating Digestive problems All haveContinue reading

Regression Hypnosis – Good, Bad or Ugly?

When a client exhibits strong emotions, suggestion alone won’t get the job done. A deeper issue requires a deeper technique.  Positive suggestions against a wall of emotions will have little effect for long. Regression-to-cause therapeutic hypnosis gives the hypnosis practitioner a way to get to the underlying root of the problem toContinue reading