Hypnosis Healing Self-Blame & Abuse – Part 2

What happens in the aftermath of abuse?  When there is no one there to support the Child after an event involving abuse, the Child has to deal with it alone.  And the energy of the event gets trapped inside. In Part 1 we looked at the following five factors thatContinue reading

3 Strategies for Working with Intense Emotions in Hypnosis

I have had clients “come undone” during the pre-hypnosis intake process, during the hypnotic induction phase, and immediately after dropping into a scene during regression hypnosis.  So what do you do when it happens? Realize that some clients are carrying a heavy load of unprocessed emotions inside that can surfaceContinue reading

Releasing Trapped Emotions in Hypnosis

The body naturally releases energy trapped in the nervous system.  Hypnosis is just one of those conditions where that can happen unexpectedly.  But if you don’t know how to manage the energy – it can be scary.  For both you and your client. The 4 Universal Healing steps will makeContinue reading

What if Hypnotherapy is Just Healing the Critical Faculty?

By day five there was a mini exodus occurring.  People had started bumping into their unresolved emotional stuff and were deciding, “I’m outta here!”  To be honest, I was tempted to join them just to avoid the pain. Critical Function By-Pass Hypnosis has been defined as by-pass of the CriticalContinue reading

Healing Hypnosis – What Forgiveness is NOT

Forgiveness work is such an important part of the Healing Hypnosis.  So it’s really important that you understand what forgiveness is.  Having a solid understanding of what forgiveness is NOT is essential to guiding reluctant hypnosis clients to be willing to forgive.  The following 10 keys to achieving authentic forgivenessContinue reading

4 Cool Tools for Hypnotherapy

What do you do when your client bumps into more emotional intensity than they can handle? Stay calm.  Do. Not. Freak. Out. Realize this is exactly why this client has come to see you.  Their Subconscious Mind is showing you exactly where the problem lies.  So remain calm. Take charge.Continue reading

Hypnotic Age Regression – 3 Core Human Needs

Recognizing these 3 basic Human Needs can help you identify and satisfy the unmet need of the child in your regression hypnotherapy sessions. The goal in any hypnotic age regression session is to find the unmet need.  Once you have identified THAT you can find a way to SATISFY it. Continue reading