How Much Time Between Hypnotherapy Sessions?

How much time interval should there be between the first and second hypnotherapy session when the first session not very productive?  Normally, during the first session, the client will achieve some new understanding and clarity. Allowing a week interval between sessions then helps the client to process the inner changes goingContinue reading

How to Get Somnambulism with Analyticals

I have a client with an issue that should be relatively easy to resolve IF I can get him into a deep hypnotic state. He’s very motivated, extremely intelligent, and quite analytical – the type of person who sets goals and invariably achieves them. He really wants me to helpContinue reading

Anxiety Has Hypnotherapist Overwhelmed

I am working with a client who suffers from anxiety.  After several weeks she doesn’t seem to be getting any better.  She tells me that she feels like she is in a dark hole and that it is going to take time to come out of it.  Any attempts toContinue reading

How Many Hypnosis Sessions Does it Take?

Sylvester Stallone is trapped on the side of the mountain in an ice cave.  Along with a bajillion dollars cash (confiscated from the evil-doers who stole it).  Temperatures are dropping as night closes in.  And he and his buddy are going to freeze to death if they don’t stay warm.Continue reading

What is Myoclonic Shaking in Hypnosis?

Myoclonic Shaking is something every Hypnotherapist should know about.  They just don’t teach you about this in hypnosis school.  But sooner or later it’s going to happen in one of your sessions. Every hypnosis practitioner definitely needs to know how to recognize myoclonic shaking because it can and will happenContinue reading

5 Easy Ways to Do Away with Hypnosis No Shows

No shows cost you.  They also deprive someone else of the opportunity to be in the chair and working with you at that time.  But most people don’t think about that.  You can do away with no shows and set yourself up for success before your hypnosis client even shows upContinue reading

Hypnosis Healing Self-Blame and Abuse – Part 1

Grownups may find it easy to blame others.  But what about children?  What happens when a Child gets hurt by a parent? And what about sexual abuse? Children do not find it easy to blame others – especially a parent.   So what happens when a Child gets hurt by aContinue reading