Events that are recalled in regression hypnosis sessions may have no basis in truth or fact – but they are very real experiences.

In any given event, the Conscious Mind is being bombarded by much more information than it’s capable of processing.  This means that Conscious recall of any event is only going to be partial.

The Subconscious Mind, on the other hand, is the emotional part of the Mind.  It’s responsible for holding onto all our emotions and memories and it’s primary concern is safety.  That’s Law #1.

If a situation in the past was perceived as a threat, that information will get stored in memory.  This is good!  This ensures we’ll know how to respond to similar situations in future.

The problem is that the Conscious Mind can’t process all the information, so it doesn’t have the whole story.  The rest of the story is being stored at a Subconscious level of Mind.  And often, these events are recordings of the perceptions, thoughts and feelings of a child!

If an event in the past caused the client to experience uncomfortable feelings, and those feelings didn’t get resolved, they can generate unwanted symptoms later in life – physically, mentally, and emotionally.  These are the kinds of issues clients are going to come to you for help with.  And many of these issues will have their roots in childhood.

This is what makes regression hypnotherapy so powerful!  Hypnosis gives you access to the Subconscious level of Mind.  Regression allows you to access memories that are stored at that level of Mind.  This allows you to find out what happened to cause the client’s problem. So, you can change the underlying story.

Get Ready for Regression!

Spend the Time Needed to Set Your Client Up for Success!

In the Ready for Regression Session course you will learn how to use the clients first session to prepare yourself and the client for effective regression-to-cause hypnosis.

Learn how to …
• Make regression safe for the client
• Convert memories into age regression
• Train your client to work with you in past event
• Respond when the Subconscious Mind goes to a painful past event unexpectedly
• Button up a session when the work is not yet complete
• Set up for Inner Child Work
• Assess and then resource a client so they’re ready for regression hypnotherapy
• Use autosuggestion
• Set up for Forgiveness Work
• Use your Ready for Regression Session as a stand-alone session
• Manage your session time effectively
• Wrap up your sessions powerfully without needing a script

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