Is a Regression Event Real?

Events that are recalled in regression hypnosis sessions may have no basis in truth or fact – but they are very real experiences. In any given event, the Conscious Mind is being bombarded by much more information than it’s capable of processing.  This means that Conscious recall of any eventContinue reading

First Hypnosis Session Strategy: Let the Client Talk!

Let the client know that the first session gets all the talking out of the way.  But realize that the client needs to talk in the first session.  They need to tell you their Story. You know it’s not the whole story.  But if you don’t take the time to listenContinue reading

Triggers & Panic Attacks

Situations in daily life can act as reminders of unresolved, traumatic events from the past.  When that happens the person will get “triggered.” When a person gets triggered, all the unresolved thought and emotional energies that are still trapped in past events will start bubbling up into conscious awareness.  When thisContinue reading

Hypnosis Scripts & Protocols

When you’re just starting out you need scripts and protocols.  There’s just too much stuff to keep in your head.  But if the client catches you using a “cheat sheet” they could lose confidence in your abilities. That could cost you in terms of rapport. The client may not trustContinue reading

7 Tips to Make Self Hypnosis Easier

Self-hypnosis is an active form of meditation that allows you to create positive change from the inside out.  It’s easier than most forms of meditation.  But many people have difficulty getting started.  And it’s because of a little thing we call the Critical Faculty of the Mind.  So on thisContinue reading

3 Tips for Working with Emotional Eaters

Question: I love your explanations and I’m wondering about the clients with just, say 10-15 kilos ( 20 – 30 pounds ) to lose, where there really is no emotional reason.  They just have a habit of eating or drinking a little too much.  This is added to a slowing olderContinue reading

Hypnotherapy for Sleep Issues: Sleep Deeply Now …

Improved sleep is often the first side-benefit of hypnotherapy. That should come as no surprise to Hypnotherapists considering the statistics on sleep and dream deprivation.  Modern living comes at a price. The hurrieder we go, the behind we get – on our SLEEP!   All that busyness of daily living (tooContinue reading