Healing Fibroids with Hypnosis

Question: I have a friend with fibroids in the walls of her uterus. She is reluctant to go through with the surgery because it will negatively affect her ability to have children. Is there any imagery that might help her?  Mind-Body Healing I don’t know if this will help yourContinue reading

Hypnosis Healing Cancer

Two days before I got on the plane to fly to Florida I discovered I had a breast lump.  It was about half the size of my pinky finger and visible.  When I told Steve this he rolled his eyes to the sky and said, “Well, you never know whatContinue reading

Who Else Needs Hypnosis for Sleep?

Stuff Hypnotherapists Need to Know:  Sleep Deprivation. If you’re a hypnosis practitioner sleep may be one of the most important issues you need to be addressing in your sessions with clients.  Why?  Because whether you realize it or not, many of your hypnosis clients are suffering from sleep deprivation. SleepContinue reading

Mind Conceives, Believes, Achieves

Harnessing the power of the Subconscious mind is the key to creating lasting change.  Hypnosis Practitioners understand this.  It is not merely the conscious mind that creates positive change.  The Subconscious Mind holds onto all our beliefs.  And changing your beliefs is the key to creating lasting change. Napoleon Hill,Continue reading

Hypnosis, Stress, Trauma and the Body

Stuff Hypnotherapists Need to Know:  Effects of Stress and Trauma Talk therapy is designed to help uncover a person’s belief system, gain insight, and iron out distorted thinking that leads to suffering.  But what neuroscience is discovering is that stressful and traumatic experiences and their symptoms are primarily housed inContinue reading

Is Biology of Belief Relevant to Hypnotherapy?

Stuff Hypnotherapists Need to Know:  Biology of Belief Is Bruce Lipton’s “Biology of Belief” relevant to hypnotherapy?  You tell me.  Perceptions of the environment in childhood formed beliefs.  Our beliefs are responsible for many problems we experience later in life.  By helping a person change their perceptions and beliefs youContinue reading

Mind Body Healing Hypnosis

The Subconscious Mind is the repository of all our memories.  It stores all these memories energetically through emotion.  And it holds the answers to mind body healing. We experience our emotions physically, in the body, because the body is the Subconscious Mind. Candace Pert, scientist and author of Molecules ofContinue reading