Let the Body Shake

If your client’s body start quaking or shaking during a hypnotherapy session – let it!  Here’s why. Want to learn more?  Watch the full video here.

Forgiveness: The Golden Buddha

The Golden Buddha excerpted from The Devil’s Therapy: from Hypnosis to Healing, Module 7, Therapeutic Forgiveness. When the monks received word that the Burmese army was headed their way, they were concerned that the almost ten foot high Golden Buddha that graced the shrine would fall victim to looting.  ToContinue reading

Depression is Anger Turned Inward

Depression includes anger Freud believed that depression was anger turned inward.  He believed that this anger stemmed from childhood trauma and unresolved conflicts that were hiding under many layers of defensive mechanisms such as denial. There’s often anger with depression because the person feels trapped and victimized by their ownContinue reading

Forgiveness is the Healing in Hypnosis

Forgiveness is central to healing with hypnosis.  Forgiveness isn’t saying that what happened was okay, however. The things that were said or done to hurt us caused us pain.  That is definitely not okay.  But burying past hurts does not set a person free from the pain.  Only true forgivenessContinue reading

4 Books Important to Hypnosis Practitioners

Stuff Hypnotherapists Should Know:  Gabor Mate Dr. Gabor Maté has written four bestselling books.  If you’re a serious hypnosis practitioner read these books.  Mate point to the cause of many of the problems hypnosis practitioners work with as unresolved trauma from the past. Scattered Minds Scattered Minds: A New Look at theContinue reading

Hypnotherapy and Traumatic Memory

Hypnotherapy often addresses traumatic memory. Hypnosis gives access to the Subconscious level of Mind where all our feelings and memories are stored.  So hypnosis gives access to traumatic memory – sometimes when you least expect it.  For this reason, practitioner need to prepare themselves for client’s intense feelings coming to theContinue reading

Hypnosis, Stress, Trauma and the Body

Stuff Hypnotherapists Need to Know:  Effects of Stress and Trauma Talk therapy is designed to help uncover a person’s belief system, gain insight, and iron out distorted thinking that leads to suffering.  But what neuroscience is discovering is that stressful and traumatic experiences and their symptoms are primarily housed inContinue reading