Teach Your Clients How to Respond in Regression Sessions

Want to make regression hypnosis easier?  Teach your clients about how to respond to you during sessions.  This one quick-tip will make it easier to find the ISE. You don’t have to solve the client’s whole problem all in one go. Just use your Educational Pre-Talk to show them howContinue reading

Most Destructive Mindset for Hypnosis Practitioner

Nancy is a good hypnotherapist.  She has good training.  She’s competent.  And she loves what she does.  But she’s struggling to make a living. The reason is simple.  Nancy only offers single sessions. Nancy suffers from THE most destructive mindset for any healing practitioner – the Single-Session Mindset. The SingleContinue reading

Educate Your Hypnotherapy Clients to Allow Feelings & Emotions

Healing is about restoring a person’s ability to feel good – physically, mentally and emotionally. To achieve this goal in your hypnotherapy sessions you need your client to be an active participant in their own healing process. They need to be willing to feel their feelings because you can’t doContinue reading