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  • Your hypnosis certification included regression to cause
  • You are an Omni-Hypnosis Grad
  • You are a 5-PATH Practitioner
  • You are an Elmanian Hypnotherapist
  • You want to feel confident facilitating regression hypnosis
  • You want to deliver results that last

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Want to Grow a Healing Practice That Pays?

Learn a proven5-step system you can use to set up and grow a hypnotherapy practice that pays!

I had no idea of the high quality instruction I was about to experience

I took this course to find out more about Tribe of Healers, and I ended up with great ideas, more confidence and feeling very supported in my Hypnotherapist journey of learning. Wendie is a captivating speaker and the videos are beautifully done and easy to watch. I had no idea of the high quality instruction I was about to experience, and I am completely satisfied with this course. Looking forward with anticipation to more business system education from Wendie. Thank you for an amazing product.

Tracy Maysmith

Want More Clients? Getting Started on a Budget?

Learn simple, low-cost strategies you can use to attract clients to your healing practice! 

All you need to get started

Great course with a good flow. It gives you all you need to get started and to get going. Dive in, apply, rinse and repeat.

Patrick Strepple

Want Regressing Clients to Be Easier?

Learn how to prepare your clients for successful regression to cause therapeutic hypnosis!

SUPERB! There is SO much in-depth information within this course!

SUPERB! There is SO much in-depth information within this course! I've gained a much higher understanding of the Regression process and keys to facilitating the 'set-up' for an astounding session. SUPER straight-forward and worth re-watching as it is packed full of value! Much gratitude for your offerings and valuable contribution! xx

Ellah Jayne

Want to Feel Confident That You Have Located the Causal Event?

Learn how to clearly identify the underlying root cause of a client's issue.

Makes learning easy

The course was extremely helpful to me. It helped me concentrate on the essential factors during the regression session. Wendie's way of teaching makes learning easy. Thanks so much for your commitment, Wendie.

Rene Urfer