January 28

Addiction is a Solution to Trauma

Inner Child Work


This is so good, I just had to share it.  Gabor Mate nails it.  Childhood trauma leads to addiction.  

Addiction, whether to a substance like drugs or alcohol, or to a behavior like smoking or overeating, is a Subconscious Solution to the REAL problem.   The REAL problem has to do with unresolved traumatic experiences. 

Addiction is often rooted in traumatic experiences that happened in childhood.  But the problem is not what happened TO the client.  The problem is what happened INSIDE of them during that experience.  

This is the Core Work of Regression to Cause Therapeutic Hypnosis. 

The first step is to find the causal event.  

The second step is to identify and release perceptions, thoughts and uncomfortable feelings that are trapped in the event.

Letting go of the negative associations formed by past events allows the client to RECOVER their good feelings about themselves and life in general.  Not only does this transform how the client sees him or herself, it releases the Subconscious NEED for the substance or behavior of addiction.

Healing isn't something we "do."  It's a process of guiding a client to release the blocks to experiencing authentic self.  This is person's Core Energy which resides at the very center of their being.

It's inside of each of us.

About the author 

Wendie Webber

With over thirty years of experience as a healing practitioner, Wendie brings a broad range of skills to her approach to regression to cause hypnosis. She combines a gentle, yet commanding way of presenting with a thorough, clear and systematic approach to helping healing practitioners to make sense of regression hypnotherapy.