Make Sense of Regression to Cause Therapeutic Hypnosis & Start to Get Results That Last

Hi, my name is Wendie Webber. I’m here because I know what it’s like to struggle to get results in your regression hypnotherapy sessions.  I know what it’s like to not feel confident guiding the process of regression hypnotherapy.   And I know what it’s like to get stuck and not know what to do in a regression session.  It can feel scary!

I’ve got over 30 years of experience as a healing practitioner.  

I've been specializing in the practice of regression-to-cause hypnosis and emotional healing work since the year 2000 and am the author of The Devil's Therapy: Hypnosis Practitioner's Essential Guide to Effective Regression Hypnotherapy. I'm here because I know what it's like to:

  • Get stuck in sessions and not know what to do
  • Waste too much time trying to figure out what it takes to get real and lasting results
  • Waste hard-earned money on shiny new tools that you just don’t need.
I have developed simple strategies that can help to put you in the driver's seat of your healing sessions!


Join a Tribe of Over 10,000+ Professional Regression Hypnosis Healing Practitioners

Tribe of Healers was created to:

  • Help you to make sense of the tools and techniques of regression to cause therapeutic hypnosis
  • Help you to guide the healing processes of regression hypnotherapy effectively
  • Ensure a lasting result for your clients
  • Support you in growing a referral-based healing practice that PAYS

FACT: There's Stuff They Don't Tell You in Hypnosis School!

fACT: People don't pay for hypnosis - they pay for results.

Real clients with real problems want real and lasting results - not just temporary relief. To get those results, you need to know more than just inductions, deepeners and therapeutic techniques.  These are the tools of your profession.  But to use them effectively, you need to understand how they work!

fACT: Most people don't turn to hypnosis as their first solution.

It’s usually not until a person has tried everything else that they pick up the phone to call YOU.  By then, they're stressed, depressed and often medicated.  What this means is that you’re not dealing with a simple issue.  You're dealing with a complex issue.  Complex issues can take time.

FACT: to get a lasting result takes confidence and skill.

When you're just starting out, you lack experience.  The truth is, to facilitate the healing process of regression hypnotherapy effectively takes considerable knowledge, skill and confidence.  That's because real clients don't come in text books. To get results, consistently, you need to be able to adapt to the needs of each client.  

When I graduated from hypnosis school, I was clueless!

Following graduation from my first hypnotherapy certification, I was excited to get started in my healing practice.  I proudly framed my (3) certificates, set up my healing room, and promptly booked my first client. That’s when I discovered just how little I actually knew . . .

Here's my story.

FACT: You Don't Need MORE Tools!

Too many new hypnosis practitioners get seduced by the lure of the "shiny new".  That just adds to their confusion. If you're trained in the regression to cause therapeutic hypnosis you have all the tools you need.  You just need to understand how they work so that you can guide the healing process fearlessly.  

If you trained with any of the following, you've come to the right place.

  • Elman School
  • Omni-Hypnosis School
  • 5-PATH
  • RTT

Your ability to deliver on your promise of results isn't in the tool or technique.  It's in your knowledge and skill.  So, you don't need more tools.  You just need to master the basics. Understand WHY you do what you do WHEN you do it!

Having a solid foundation will empower you to get lasting results for your clients.  

If you're not certified in regression hypnotherapy, yet, this probably isn't for you.  I'm not here to teach the basics.  You need a solid foundation in the basics of regression hypnotherapy, first. What you'll find here is post-graduate level guidance to support you in growing your expertise as a professional regression to cause healing practitioner so that you can:

  • Get lasting results working with even the most complicated issues
  • Offer a premium service worthy of a premium fee
  • Contribute to healing the world by helping real people to heal themselves, their relationships and their lives.

Ready to Get Started?

If you're ready to join a tribe of over 10,000 professional regression hypnosis healing practitioners.  Discover how to start getting results that last, click the button below and I'll see you inside!

Specializing in Regression to Cause Therapeutic Hypnosis Since 2000

5-PATH Leadership Award

Wendie Webber, Cal Banyan
NGH Convention,  2006

Gerald F Kein Award of Excellence in Hypnotism

Ina Oostrom, Wendie Webber, Hansruedi Wipf
Hypnosis Conference in Zurich, 2019

Hypnosis Qualifications

2013 Advanced Clearing Energetics, Richard Flook
2009 Regression Hypnotherapy Boot Camp, Matt Sisson & Randy Shaw
2008 Regression Hypnotherapy Boot Camp, Matt Sisson & Randy Shaw
2007 Ultra Height Gerald Kein, Omni Hypnosis Training Center
2005 5 PATH® Practitioner, Banyan Hypnosis Center
2005 7th PATH™ Teacher, Banyan Hypnosis Center
2003 Alchemical Hypnotherapy, Alchemy Institute of Healing Arts
2003 Parts Therapist Certification, International Medical & Dental Hypnotherapy Assn.
2003 Past Life Regression Therapist Certification, International Medical & Dental Hypnotherapy Assn.
2003 Transactional Hypnoanalysis, School of Analytical & Cognitive Hypnotherapy
2003 Somatic Healing Certification, Alchemy Institute of Healing Arts
2000 Healing With the Mind Stephen Parkhill, Achievement & Learning Foundation
2000 Basic to Advanced Hypnosis, Omni Hypnosis Training Center
2000 Clinical Hypnotherapist, Meridian Institute

Other Qualifications

2011 Satir Transformational Systemic Therapy, Level 1. Satir Institute of the Pacific.
2008 German New Medicine 1, 2, 3. Carolina Markolin
2007 Transformational Healing Method. Marilyn Gordon
2006 Weight Loss. Tom Nicoli
2007 Guided Imagery. Mary Elizabeth Raines
2005 Emotional Freedom Technique. Gary Craig
2005 Spiritual Releasement Therapy. Banyan Hypnosis Center
2004 Reconnective Healing, Level 3. The Reconnection
2003 Seemorg Matrix Work. Asha Nahoma Clinton, LCSW, PhDr
2002 Counseling Skills, Level 1 & 2. Malaspina College
2001 Hospice Volunteer Training, Mid-Island Hospice Society