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3 Hot Tips for Facilitating GREAT Hypnosis Groups

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Group facilitation is fun. You can use it to promote your services, make your hypnosis services more affordable, and make more money.  You can also use group work to get better results by priming your clients for one-on-one session work.  Here are 3 quick tips to help you facilitate great hypnosis group sessions.

1. Condition your participants for hypnosis

Whenever you’re working with a group for multiple sessions use the first session to condition them to go back into hypnosis very easily.  Participants will love having this “power”.  And it will make group work fun and easy for you.

Example:  “From now on you can easily return to this beautiful state anytime you want or need to.”

2. Install a hypnotic trigger

Give them a formal technique for taking themselves back into hypnosis.  A simple finger-pinch technique is easy to install.  Just make sure that each participant experiences success using the trigger by practising it multiple times.  Then have them share to reinforce their success.

Example:  “In a moment I’m going to count from 1 to 3 to bring you back up.  At the count of 3 let those eyes open.  And notice how much better you feel.   As soon as those eyes open, take a deep, relaxing breath in.  Then on the exhale fire off your trigger.   The MOMENT the thumb and forefinger touch together, close the eyes.  And you go right back into this beautiful state….  And each time you will go deeper than the time before.  Just want to see that happen and you can have it very easily.”

3. Compound the response

After they fire off the trigger, give participants a few moments to enjoy the state while you deliver suggestions to deepen the state.  And reinforce the power of the trigger.   Compound their ability to go deeper each time.  Then practice the trigger at least 3 times.

Example:  "Once again, I’ll count from 1 to 3. At the count of 3, eyes open, deep breath in, fire off the trigger and exhale, and you go right back in. Each time deeper than the time before.”

4. Bonus Tip: Create a Deepening CD

Your participants will love how easily they can take themselves into hypnosis.  So why not let your clients take you home with them?   Create a deepening CD and a set of printed instructions they can take home with them. Not only will this help them go deeper in their self-hypnosis sessions, it will help condition them to your voice.  Listening to your voice will help reinforce the work you're doing with them in sessions.  Won't that be nice?

To create the CD, leave approximately 20 seconds of silence at the beginning (i.e. time to “tap in.”) Then deliver 20 minutes of deepening suggestions.

Example:  20 seconds of silence followed by (softly) “Now that you have tapped yourself in . . continue relaxing deeper with every gentle breath . . .

In a moment . . . I’m going to count from 10 down to 1. I’m going to count down THREE TIMES. And each time you hear the number ONE . . . DOUBLE the relaxation . . .

Each time you hear the number ONE . . .let yourself go twice as deep.

Each time you hear the number ONE you will be many, many, MANY times deeper than the time before. Let’s begin . . . 10 . . . etc.”

For the first two counts, give intermittent suggestions.  

Example: “10, deeper, deeper … 9, down, down, down, 8, doubling the relaxation, etc.” gradually slowing the count and softening your vocal tone.  For the third count down, allow silence between the counts, increasing the length of each pause.

10 . . . 9 . . . 8 . . . 7 . . . 6 . . . 5 . . . 4 . . . 3 . . . 2 . . .(whisper) ONE.

After the count of “ONE”, allow a 10 second period of silence before giving an emerging count. During the emerging count include suggestions for the benefits of repeat practice.


Each time you enter into a state of hypnosis you will go deeper.  And the deeper you go, the better you feel.  And the better you feel, the deeper you CAN go.  This brings you all the wonderful benefits of change.  And all the rewards, because YOU REALIZE . . . change is a GOOD thing for you now.”

Simple, right?

So that's it.

Groups are a great way to have fun and make more money in your hypnosis practice. You can learn more in the Client Attraction System Course.

These four tips can be used in both group and individual sessions.

  1. Condition your participants for hypnosis
  2. Install a trigger
  3. Compound the response
  4. Create a deepening CD so participants can take you home with them

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