Learn 5 Simple Systems to Support You in Growing a Regression Hypnotherapy Practice That Pays

These 5 simple systems can help you to:

  • Take charge of your healing sessions
  • Feel confident guiding your clients
  • Deliver on your promise of results
  • Grow a referral-based practice (the best kind)

"I now have a solid blueprint"

Wendie's course was totally BEYOND expectations to the point where I wish I had taken Wendie's course BEFORE I actually JUMPED into my practice.  

I had clients who "just wanted to try hypnosis" or "didn't do their homework and just "waited for the appointment time". 

My confidence literally began to melt. 

Why was this happening? What did I do wrong? Are they not getting results?

I questioned my intuition, my choice of protocol. Why are my marketing methods not attracting more clients?

Why...why....why....but no answer.

I sought courses to guide me but each "build your clinical session" course I happened upon focused on "how to build your Facebook page" or "how to use Facebook groups" or whatever . . . even if they were dedicated to a medical setup.

I was literally...dehydrating and depleting myself and my confidence level from the inside.

From Wendie's 1st lecture, I felt as if Wendie was speaking to me personally.

I couldn't stop listening to her. It was like gulping down that cool glass of crystal clear spring water.  

This course took me 3 days to complete, not because it was long, but because those sections that hit me straight on the head.  I replayed them again 2-3 times to ensure I did NOT miss out on her advice before moving to the next section.

And it was such throughout the whole course.  

I felt as if I had a sincere friend, holding my hand yet firmly telling me:

  1. WHERE I failed - which was obvious to me,
  2. WHY I failed - which I so wanted to know, and
  3. HOW to correct it.

This was NOT what I expected from a "free course offer".   

Telling me, right away, "HOW to correct mistakes I had made", got my brain whirling, brought back my confidence, and got me psyched again to GET BACK on my own two feet, KNOW that I CAN DO THIS, and I CAN do it well.  

I now have a solid blueprint.  Wendie's course was the booster and guidance I so needed and was searching for.  

I most DEFINITELY recommend Wendie's course to ALL medical setups, not just hypnotherapy.  Even if you HAVE a successful setup going, you can and WILL definitely gain more insight attending Wendie's course.  

I can't wait to begin the next course. 

This is the FIRST course I've encountered that I FEEL and KNOW - it's NOT an online scam out for your money. I KNOW Wendie's course WILL help me yield the results I seek.  

Thank you, Wendie, for your generosity in offering this free course and giving it your all. I am extremely grateful and appreciative.

Jo Nontakorn


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Jacquelyn Haley

JSH Clinical Hypnotherapist

Wendie has to be one of the best R2CH tutors out there!! The resource videos and handouts, manuals etc. are such an added bonus. Wendie has put her heart and soul into bringing us a course of this depth and caliber. Excellent above and beyond. My confidence as a therapist has tripled since studying with Wendie and Tribe Of Healers.

about Wendie

Why not use my experience to create your success?

If you want to shorten the learning curve and save yourself the considerable time, frustration and expense that comes with trial-and-error learning, I'm here to help.

I've been a hypnosis practitioner specializing in regression to cause therapeutic hypnosis since 2000.  I know what it's like to get stuck in sessions and not know what to do.  

It's frustrating.  Scary, even.

I also know what it's like to waste hard-earned money on shiny new tools that you just don't need. 

If you're trained in regression to cause hypnotherapy,  you have all the tools you need.  You just need to learn how to use them in a way that gets you real results working with actual clients.  

I'm here to help you make sense of regression hypnotherapy so you can make a living doing what you love - helping people to heal themselves, their relationships and their lives.


Check out what our students say about us

Engaging, enjoyable and thorough

Wendie is a phenomenal teacher with a broad range of skills. She goes into such detail to be sure we understand why a certain action makes sense, how it can help us to build our business and be able meet our clients with confidence in session planning and setting up for an excellent session. I found her teaching to be engaging, enjoyable and thorough.

Angela Brooks-Reese

transformation hypnosis

A true Jerry's Kid

Honestly, Wendie is the only down to earth, detailed, straight forward, giving from the heart and emphatic experienced hypnotherapist that makes learning a fun thing without losing the essentials ... a true Jerry's kid.

Daniel Ghanime

The Control Alternative

Client-centered approach

I love this client-centered approach that is lacking in some of the other more method/formula-based training. I'm excited to continue to learn as much as I can from her. She's approachable and easy to follow and a delight to watch.

Keridwyn Deller

keridwyn deller hypnotherapy

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